Art editor’s final goodbye

Maria Silvidi, Art Editor

William Gibson stated, “Time moves in one direction, memory in another.” He created the cyberpunk genre of literature, always looking to the future rather than the past in his writing.

His quote embodies a value of mine. The memories I have made at Revere help me continue to adapt to new environments, whether big or small. Memories create vivid pictures in my head when I want help making a decision or just want to take time to reminisce on the past. These memories consist of friendship, sadness, stress and determination. High school opened my eyes to new experiences that I will deal with outside of school.

My advice to the underclassmen is to not be afraid to leave your mark in high school. Having the ability to try something new in a moldable environment can help someone shape who they want to be after graduation. I can recall multiple situations where I seized the opportunity and many where I did not. If something doesn’t work out, like a friendship or a hobby, there is no shame in finding what fits better for you, especially in a place like a high school.

I will continue to use my old memories and experiences to help guide me through life. Now I am saying goodbye to Revere and hello to the new chapter of my life that awaits me.