Final goodbye of a Lantern reporter

Erica Price, Reporter

As I’m writing this column, the world is in a time of uncertainty. One thing I know for certain, though, is the memorable experiences, classes and teachers I have had since my time at Revere. Looking back, I have learned to reminisce on the events and activities that I got involved with. I loved finding my interests in art and joining NAHS and, of course, joining Lantern my senior year. I learned the most important skills and met the most amazing people while being a part of this small newspaper team. I also got to know one of the most influential and supportive teachers, Mr. Silvidi, who will forever have an impact on my life.

I can say from my 12 years at Revere, one of the most influential aspects of high school that I learned was the importance of getting involved. I strived to try new things like auditioning for the play my junior year, and who would’ve known I absolutely love being on the stage and performing? Trying new activities and classes helped me see all the amazing ways Revere continued to inspire me. Participating in athletics was an activity that impacted my high school career because of its challenging goals. I learned the best self-discipline and made friendships that I know will last for a lifetime. Even taking advanced classes helped push the abilities I had while helping me prepare for college. I have grown to know my involvement in all the activities Revere had to offer truly impacted the way I will look back on my high school years. I know I will be proud of the person I was and strived to be in high school. I’ve tried to come to terms with all the activities and experiences that I will leave behind, but I hold on to each little thing I have yet to say goodbye to.

I cannot thank Revere’s outstanding teachers enough for their dedication to their students. I can say I’m a better person because of their advice and teaching. As I clean my locker out for the last time and walk by my teachers’ classrooms, I will have joy in my heart to thank them for their lasting impact. Instead of thinking how everything could have been different my senior year, I’m thinking about how much resilience my classmates have. From being called the guinea pigs to always dealing with change, we as a class learned to embrace the word change.

Change can be good, and I know the class of 2020 will embrace all the changes that are yet to come. We are an unforgettable class. As we all go our separate ways, this Lantern staff will be in my heart forever. Revere, thank you for every little memory; it has been a journey, and I would not trade it for the world.