An emotional goodbye from an associate-editor

Mikey Kahoe, Associate-Editor

As I drove through Revere’s senior day parade I was overcome with emotion. I saw teachers and peers I have not seen in months and I could not have been happier. Although we did not have a normal graduation, I still feel as accomplished as I would in a world without the coronavirus. I believe it is important to look at the silver linings in our situation. The past two months we have all learned virtually. The quality of our education may have decreased, but it surely prepared us for the technological world we live in. I am incredibly thankful that we got to enjoy the highlights of the first half of the year like homecoming, football season etc. My most memorable moment was my last Friday night game ever when we beat Bay with a last-minute safety.

Looking further into the past, certain events rise to prominence in my memory. In second grade I signed “the book” for the first time. That was scary. Next, I had to flip my card from green to red in front of the whole class. That was even scarier. When I flipped that card I thought my world was over. Today, I realize flipping that card really was not that bad. Everything worked out just fine. In the moment, hardships seem like the end of the world, but soon we realize these negative events did not truly change the course of our lives. I think COVID-19 falls into this category. Sure, it stinks, but in ten years when we look back, virtual graduation and quarantine are going to be just like signing the book. It hurts at the moment, but in ten years we will realize it taught us something. In my case signing the book taught me not to talk while the teacher was. Hopefully COVID-19 will teach us more. It will teach us to adapt to our situation and to always continue learning no matter the circumstance.

Regardless, my time at Revere has been wonderful. I can not thank my teachers enough for what they have taught me, not only in academics but in life. Revere has undoubtedly made me a better person, and I think most of my classmates can say the same.