The Rescuers provides classic Disney feel enjoyable for the whole family

Maria Silvidi, Staff Reporter

Disney Plus allows viewers to enjoy movies from the past. One of those Disney classics includes a movie released in 1977 called The Rescuers. The movie’s style and story give off a classic feel compared to recent movies Disney has produced. It also gives the viewers a classic story created before the Disney Renaissance.   

The Rescuers involves two mice that are involved with the Rescue Aid Society, a group run by mice from all over the world and who helps children that are in need. Bernard is a janitor for the Aid Society and Bianca was a member of the council representing Hungary. The Society finds a bottle containing a help letter from a little girl. This girl goes missing and she wants to return to the orphanage to have a chance at getting the family she has always wanted. The two mice, Bianca and Bernard, go on an adventure to find the little girl and bring her back to the orphanage. 

The movie starts with a little orphan girl, Penny, dropping a letter in the water as the screen is focused on watching the bottle drift all the way to New York. This is a little out of context since that is what the audience is shown at the beginning of the movie, but the audience will realize it is important to the story later into the movie. As the audience sees the bottle movie through the water,  the movie displays the bottles like a slideshow of different, beautiful paintings all tied together to show how far the bottle had to go to get to New York. Throughout the whole movie, the background looks like it came straight out of an old painting. The line art really made everything look rustic and detailed complimented with the colors that really showed the viewer what kind of setting the characters were in. 

In most animated Disney movies where animals are anthropomorphic, humans are not present. Throughout the entire movie, the logic of what is anthropomorphic and not is confusing. There are humans in the movie and scenes where a human is talking to a mouse and can understand what he is saying, but apparently a crocodile in the next scene can not talk just understands human emotion. It is there for convenience but it is interesting how human-like the animals acted when there are humans presented in the movie. The dynamic between the two main characters was really enjoyable. Bernard is anxious and always thought logically. Bianca is a free spirit, always ready for her next adventure. Those kinds of personalities clashing together make for a good story. During some scenes of the film, the mice’s eyes are blurry which can be distracting when watching the movie. Then again the audience also has to take in the fact that the movie used a type of cel animation which means the animators had to draw each frame of the movie by hand. 

Most Disney movies have a character sing a song. The movie had scenes where someone is singing in the background and just regular scenes with an orchestra playing for effect. The person singing during those scenes was Shelby Flint, who seemed to be fairly popular when the movie was released. 

This movie is G-rated, but some scenes in the movie are not kid-friendly. In one scene, the main characters find some woodland creatures and want to help them save Penny. One woodland creature had a type of alcohol and gave multiple characters in the movie a swig from the jug and afterward were coughing up smoke and had red flashing eyes. Another scene that sticks out was when the villain finds the mice on her boat, she does not calmly escort them out of her boat. She takes out a shotgun and starts shooting bullets at the mice inside of the boat. Everybody knows Goofy’s catchphrase of yelling a certain way when he is in danger. Orville, one of the characters in the movie, uses the same audio of Goofy’s yell to show that he is in danger or is going to get hurt. This makes the character Orville look unoriginal since most people that watch Disney movies are going to know that catchphrase is known from another character. 

The Rescuers has a timeless feel. The audience can tell the movie has aged compared to the graphics that people use today, but the story shows how something so small can make a big difference and how one act of kindness goes so far.  This is a movie to watch with family to remember the classic Disney movies.