Final words from your editors-in-chief

Final words from your editors-in-chief

Troy Pierson, Editor-in-Chief

My time with Revere High School is finally over. Thirteen years of hard work, dedication and self-discovery have come to a close quicker than I would have ever imagined. I’m excited to move on to more exciting opportunities that lie beyond high school, but the lasting effect Revere has put on me will make my departure bittersweet, but also satisfying and rewarding.

I’m going to miss a lot of things when I leave Revere. I’ll miss running Saturday cross country meets, playing summer baseball, reporting for the school newspaper, and spending time with my friends in and out of school; but I think the thing I’ll miss the most will probably be the classes I took at Revere. Yes, I would agree it’s a weird statement to make, especially since I’m absolutely burned out from classes by the time I’m writing this, but I think it’s safe to say that I truly enjoyed taking classes at Revere more than anything else in my time growing up, especially in the liberal arts.

Revere has given me the opportunity to learn a lot of things. Since middle school, key teachers such as my english teacher Mrs. Shoop profoundly impacted my interest in writing, which enabled me to grow my skills proficient throughout the years by engaging in activities such as Power of the Pen, speech and debate, and Lantern. English classes started to become my principal focus in high school, and my teachers – Miss Haynam, Mr. Hayes and Mr. Silvidi – were all amazing mentors that significantly helped my writing reach new heights as I progressed throughout these past four years.

Art was another integral part of high school, with many thanks and love to my dad Bob Pierson for showing me how to draw freshman year and perfecting my skills as an artist to accomplishing projects I never would have imagined completing my junior and senior year. For someone who has a relative working for Revere, it made perfect sense for me to take the class – and I’m truly thankful for the opportunity to learn from him.

Revere’s social studies department enabled me to learn so much about the world and its complexities. From learning about American History with Mrs. Fagnilli and Mr. Fry, European History with Mr. Jakab and U.S. Government with Mr. Milczewski, I was able to receive an enriching experience from each teacher who provided a unique perspective on their subjects, which made me more engaged and invested in understanding what they were teaching. Aside from these classes, the experiences I learned from in other subjects at Revere helped me to see that this school is strong in all of its departments.

I wish I had time to commend all of my teachers and thank them for all they taught me, but that would probably take up all the pages in this senior edition. In short, I learned so much from all of my teachers at Revere. Thank you for all that you taught me – I have certainly become a better person because of each and every one of you.