Students should take initiative to fundraise all year

Staff Editorial

The holiday season is full of giving back to those in need, but the thought of giving back during other months of the year is often forgotten.

With the holiday season approaching, people around the world start to give back to their community by donating gifts, coats and other supplies to those in need. Groups such as Kids 4 Kids and Toys for Tots are involving themselves by hosting toy and coat drives.

While a third of families in the United States can not afford coats, most children in suburban areas, such as Revere, do not think twice about owning one. These children are used to opening gifts and throwing on a pair of winter boots to play in the snow, and they think nothing of it because that is all they know. During the holidays, people find a vessel to attach giving to, with everyone in the holiday spirit.

People who can not afford these necessities do not just need them during the holiday season, they need them all year round. The holiday season is known for leaving people with a feeling of joy and warmth. While some people struggle during these seasons, those more fortunate feel inclined to give back. What these people do not realize is the less fortunate are always on the lower hand, not just during the holidays.

While giving to others during is a gracious gesture, sometimes the people who can readily give back are not always financially stable enough to give back as much as they would like. They also have families that need fed and clothed, so while giving to those in the community is extremely kind, it is not always possible.

Shouldn’t society give back to those in need all of the time?

Being able to give to those who need it gives that warm feeling, so giving year round will always make people feel that way.