Sports teams progress far into the playoff season

Staff Editorial

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School spirit is tangible as Revere High school is coming off three district championships, including men’s soccer, women’s soccer and women’s volleyball. This is also the first year our football team has had a winning season since 2009, including the victorious Copley game, bringing back The Bell. Both the men’s and women’s cross country team also finished strong and have high hopes for upcoming seasons. On top of this, the tennis doubles team of senior Amy Lazbin and freshman Morgan Dobos received the title of fourth place in the state. Men’s golf senior Tyler Ankrom also made it to the district tournament. It is safe to say this is the best fall sports season Revere has witnessed in a decade.

Now that the fall sports season has come to a close with the women’s soccer team claiming a regional runner up title and men’s soccer team claiming a state runner up title, moral is it an all time high. These are great achievement that the entire school should be proud of and appreciate going into the winter sports season. With as big as the student sections were at these events, we should continue to support our school in any way we can, meaning attending sports events and keeping positive spirits about each season.

Revere High School is an exceptional school district to experience high school in and we should cherish and appreciate the opportunities our school and sports teams allow us.

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