My final rant [you’re welcome]

Elizabeth Duncan, Editor-in-Chief

Alright nerds, listen up. This letter marks my second-to-last chance to spew my hippie nonsense, and boy do I have stuff to say.

The world in which we find ourselves provides a special mix of circumstances for which no one can plan. I learned that the hard way. Little freshman me planned my schedule down to the second, and now I sit, a procrastinating, college-bound mess. Reader, do not reach either end of that spectrum. Find a balance. It will not come easy, but everyone needs it.

Reader, you will feel stress. I have. Your friends have. Everyone has. Stress comes naturally to all of us. One must realize that and prepare regardless. Fear can prove useful, but one must not let it stop oneself.

Panic attacks are not fun, but they happen. One must hold on to the knowledge that even the hardest times will pass, and that one never truly stands alone. You are not alone. The resources from the school? Use them. The hotlines and text lines? Reach out to them. See a therapist. Take time to breathe. Do some yoga (but not hot yoga –– do the calming kind).

Okay. Lecture over. Time to say my goodbyes.

To my teachers, thank you for putting up with my bad jokes this year and random bursts of energy. I will remember (most of) what you have taught me. To my friends, thank you for helping me when I felt low and standing by me. I will always stand by you. To my family, thank you for pushing me to succeed. I will continue to do so for your sake and mine.

To my fellow Lantern staff, thank you. Thank you for the support when things got crazy. Thank you for the love I felt every day I walked in the room. Thank you for the excellent articles. My pens thank you. Thank you for your hard work and determination. I will never forget you, or the sass I constantly received (did not always appreciate it). I expect great things from all of you. Out do us next year.

To everyone who put up with my rantings in this publication, thanks. Stay woke. Stay swanky. Stay strong.