Important friendships last beyond Revere

Important friendships last beyond Revere

Jacob Zimmerman, Co-Editor-in-Chief

I have always wondered what would shape my life beyond the high school classroom. I have had so many influences throughout my four years. Revere Players, the Lantern, the cross country team and SPECTRUM have ignited my passions and provided me opportunities to pursue what I love. My various teachers have pushed me to achieve. Maddie Newingham and Ryan Nadzam turned me into a music snob.

Who takes over the potter’s wheel when I move five hours away?

The easiest answer would be me; the “you control your own destiny” cliché comes to mind. Personally, though, I do not feel like I have much influence over myself. I am very stuck in my ways, and it takes a lot of willpower for me to change the way I go about things. Those close to me, though, are best equipped to help me switch things up. I love my friends, and would do anything for them. If I did not go through high school with the people I did, I would surely not have the confidence or drive I possess today. Sadly, the end of high school signals that we must part ways.

Alexia LaFata of the Elite Daily explains that we may initially feel guilty for losing touch with our friends, but we shed this guilt when we finally realize that none of us have an obligation to stay connected to one another. If diving fully into your college of choice and the city in which it resides will benefit you most and make you the happiest version of yourself, by all means do so. This sadly may mean leaving your hometown and your hometown friends behind. That is perfectly okay.

If we are meant to keep in touch, it will happen. I can safely say this though: I’m not going to miss any of you. Missing you would imply that you are absent from my life. Physically, sure, our class is going to spread out throughout this world. But the Class of 2017 will forever remain a part of my life, and it will remain a part of all of my peers’ lives as well. Forget me not, Revere High School.