Senior wins Suburban League event


Daniel Nemer

Diulus during the track team’s senior night, celebrating the team’s accomplishments this season.

Daniel Nemer, Reporter

From her time as a freshman, Megan Diulus, a current senior at Revere High School, fell in love with running cross country and track. Even though Diulus loves sports, she finds a way to balance her extracurricular activities with school and management of the clubs she is in. Diulus not only excels on the field but challenges herself in high level classes such as AP Physics. Diulus is the president of Project Planet, secretary of Key Club, the membership chairperson in National Honor Society, a member of the Mu Alpha Theta and class council and Diulus participated in track and cross country all four years of high school. 

Additionally, Diulus recently placed first in the mile and third in the 800 meter race during the 2023 Suburban League meet.

Diulus explained what events she participates in at track meets.

“I am a distance runner. During cross country, we all run the same distance, which is a 5k, and in outdoor track, I tend to focus more on the 3200 meter race and sometimes the 4 by 800 meter relay,” Diulus said.

Diulus commented on why she enjoys the sport of cross country.

“[My favorite part is] definitely the team aspect of it. We are all so close. I love the running and [the] competition aspect of it, but the best part of cross country is how close each and everyone of us are,” Diulus said. 

Diulus described how no one is left out during the cross country season and how all the runners stick together.

“I love how everyone wants to support everyone around us. We never want to say that it’s the top runner’s choice of what we do in practice since they went to state’s [everyone has a say on what we do,” Diulus said.

Diulus also explained that she not only likes to be challenged in extracurriculars but also in school in classes such as AP Physics, taught by Jeff Shane at Revere High School.

Diulus’ work in school is applauded by her advanced physics teacher Shane. Shane described what type of student Diulus is.

“She is so inquisitive. If she does not understand something, she will ask until she knows she gets it. It’s wonderful,” Shane said. 

Shane explained what he thinks stands out in Diulus’ character.

“She’s a fun person, she has a good outlook on life, she’s always positive, she knows who she is, and she takes care of what she needs to get done,” Shane said. 

Diulus continually displays her passion for service through working with children to create a more healthy school environment. 

“Every summer, I volunteer at Camp Invention, which is a science camp for kids in our area that go to the Revere Schools, and I’m a special needs aid for Camp Invention,” Diulus said.

Diulus’s track and cross country coach Kevin Somerville notices her excellent work and leadership on the field. Somerville has known Diulus for four years on the field and five years since her eighth grade algebra class. Somerville has been a track coach for six years and a cross country coach for three years. 

Somerville explained Diulus’ position on the team.

“She is a key member of our relays and is always willing to step in to help the team where needed. She always follows our training plans and has put in a great amount of work to reach such a high performance level,” he said.

Somerville explained that Diulus contributed to the track and cross country team. 

“She is often the last one at our track meets because she is packing up our stuff, cleaning our team area and making sure that we leave places better than we found them,” he said.

Somerville also described how Diulus helps lead her teammates during practice and meets.

“Megan contributes to the team mentally with her positive attitude, commitment and work ethic. Megan has been a team captain for both the track and cross country teams where she leads vocally and by example. She has been an essential part of our team culture and helped establish an atmosphere on our teams that will carry on long after she graduates,” he said.

Somerville also described that Diulus helps build her compassion with other teammates.

“Megan stands out from the team through her leadership and compassion.  She does achieve great results, but at practices and meets, she can be seen supporting our entire team, doing the work needed to make the team experience an awesome one for everyone on it regardless of what place they are getting in the meets,” he said.

Diulus will finish her senior year at Revere High School engaged in her love for extracurricular activities thanks to her contributions in athletics, her eagerness to help others through Project Planet and her enthusiasm for sports.