RHS club hosts fun run


Photo used with permission from Akshay Elango

The participants pose at the race.

Joe Earl, Reporter

The Recycling Club and Class Council held a fun run for the club to raise money for a recycling charity and for class council to raise money for prom. 

35 people attended the halloween themed run, with the top finishers for each age group receiving pumpkins decorated by the Art Club. The overall winner of the run, Anthony DeRubeis, participates in cross country, a sport shared by many Recycling Club members. Philip Liu, co-president of the Recycling Club, who has competed on Varsity cross country every year of high school, explained how ties with running and cross country helped the fundraiser.

“We were able to attract a lot of cross country runners. . .. [We made it] similar to other group fun runs I’ve been to. You know, [with] snack tables out, [and] registration [tables],” Liu said. 

Liu, and co-president of Recycling Club Akshay Elango came up with the idea for a fun run during a Class Council meeting. Fellow cross country runner Cameron Weir suggested the idea, and Liu and Elango ran with the concept, promising to split the money with class president Merit Wagstaff. Liu explained how the seemingly simple fundraiser required more work than they originally thought.

Elango poses with his recycling gear. (Joe Earl)

“When we first went into this, we just thought it’d be a simple thing. We show up to [Bath Community Center], people just give us 10 bucks, and then we just have like a quick thing, right? But eventually [Dr.] Peltz [got involved]… Now it’s a school sanctioned event. So we [have to] do the whole insurance policy process, [and] get approved by the treasurer,” Liu said. 

Diane Gerspacher, the Recycling Club’s adviser, attended the fundraiser while receiving help from the Bath Fire Department, who lent the club a four-wheeler for transportation. Elango felt that the event was a “success” but explained some of his ideas for the future of the Recycling Club. 

“[We could do] a public cleanup event… [maybe even] plant trees around the school,” Elango said. 

Class president, Merit Wagstaff, could not make it to the run but appreciated how valuable the run has been to fund the Senior Class’ prom. 

“It definitely did better than I was expecting… It went really well. It’s [about equal] to a successful Chipotle fundraiser… It’s harder than a Chipotle fundraiser, but definitely worth it… I want to give a lot of credit to Akshay, he basically set it all up,” Wagstaff said.