Senior plays volleyball, leads multiple clubs



Yost celebrates senior night before her game against Copley.

Kendall Morrison, Reporter

Senior Annabelle Yost used to cheer for her friends from the sidelines, but, by her senior year, that friend became her coach, and suddenly, the student became the teacher. Yost used to watch from the Varsity volleyball bench as her teammates participated in high-intensity games. Alanna Ramsey was one of those teammates always on the court.

“She always called us her little hype men…It’s a great transition, and I think it’s come full circle,” Yost said.

Yost holds a main position on not just Revere’s Varsity volleyball team but also the PCVC club team as libero and defensive specialist–a special position with a special uniform dedicated to defending Revere from exclusively the back row. However, her responsibilities on the court extend beyond the physical realm. As libero, a large part of her role in the group is to “keep the team mentality.”

“Volleyball is a very mental sport,” Yost said. Most sports are, but when she switched gears and started to talk about her track career in pole vaulting, she mentioned that the two sports have very different mentalities, both rewarding and grueling in their own ways. In volleyball, she works with her teammates towards a common goal, but alone on the track, Yost takes a different approach in pole vaulting–a headspace that wants to “do better for yourself,” so she has an easier time mentally preparing herself for the practice or meet ahead of her.

From her sporting career and the founding of the recycling club to Advanced Placement classes, Yost has spent the majority of her time being as involved in her community as possible. On and off the court, she is praised as a team player with a positive, encouraging attitude. 

Yost keeps herself busy with lots of extracurriculars at RHS, with a focus on her sports, leadership opportunities and STEM education. School Counselor Emily Rion works closely with Yost every day as the advisor of Student Council, communicating during her fourth-period assistant work to the guidance office. Yost works closely with Active Minds, a group at RHS dedicated to improving the mental health of Revere students, and spends a lot of her time with Student Council, both clubs Rion advises. 

“She carries herself with confidence that she’s able to back up,” Rion said. 

Rion also pointed out that Yost dedicates herself to everything she does, but when Yost talks about balancing her extracurricular activities and schoolwork, Yost said, “I don’t.” 

Five of her seven periods this school year are taken up by Advanced Placement classes–AP Biology, AP Calculus, AP Literature, AP Physics II and AP Macro and Microeconomics. Although those classes take a lot of work and take a lot of time, Yost stated that it was worth it.

“I love everyone in my class,” Yost said.

 Not only does she have the potential to earn college credit for passing the AP tests at the end of the year, but she also enjoys the work she completes. Yost is a firm believer that the work is always less stressful if she likes it enough, but if she could go back, she might have replaced one of those Honors courses with an art class. 

She calls her form of control “mind management”–a special form of balance somewhere along the lines of time management mixed with “not overdoing it.” 

However, even if her methods are unusual, she gets the job done. Recently earning the title of National Merit Semi-Finalist after taking the PSAT, Yost revealed just how much time she has spent honing her management skills.

“Revere has definitely prepared me well for [the SAT],” Yost said. 

Her teachers all taught her different abilities that helped her in the vastly different portions of the SAT. From reading comprehension skills to quick test-taking, she knew it all.

Yost is involved in heaps of activities, many of which she shares with Senior Jackie Randall, who said that Yost “is so knowledgeable about so many subjects.” 

Therefore, by applying that knowledge to her extracurricular career, Yost has found herself a member of many different, diverse groups with all different kinds of subject matter. Whether it be thinking strategically in a science competition or making split-second decisions on a volleyball court, she does it all. 

Because of that massive involvement in school affairs, Yost has often earned her way into leadership positions. Currently the Vice President of Student Council, she works closely with others all day, every day. Rion, after only closely working with Yost for a few weeks, said that “she is dedicated to all that she does.” Always involved in something, Yost puts her best foot forward and “makes sure the job gets done well,” said Rion.

Randall has worked closely with Yost after meeting on the same volleyball team in fifth grade and sees the hours she puts in to give her all to all she does. With her as the Treasurer of Student Council and Yost as Vice President, Randall saw her friend in action firsthand.

 “She is good at communicating…always talking to her teachers,” Randall said, but communication is not nearly her only useful attribute. 

She is always listening, always working in teams, and always “makes it happen,” Rion said.

Yost spends the majority of her time dedicating herself to her schoolwork and activities. Acknowledging that her roles come with responsibility, Yost is grateful to be given the opportunities she has, even being elected to the 2022 Homecoming Court. 

“She is a light to all who meet her. No matter where Annabelle ends up in her life and in her world, I know that she is going to bring her light with her,” Rion said.

Her future goals include attending the University of California, Los Angeles, and, although she is not sure, she plans to major in some form of engineering. 

Annabelle Yost is a libero in her volleyball games and a libero in her life–moving everywhere, in leadership positions and keeping her friends and teammates’ spirits high.