Two drum majors lead and conduct the Revere Marching Band

Charlotte Silvidi and Mike Restivo are the drum majors for the 2021 band season


Chloe Grimm

Silvidi and Restivo conduct the band at the Louisville invitational.

Chloe Grimm, Editor

As the sun began to set on a late Saturday night, the Revere Marching Band advanced onto Louisville High School’s field for their first band competition of the 2021 season. In stark contrast to the red and royal blue uniforms the musicians on the field wear, two students stood tall on the podiums facing each other in clean, bright white. One on the visitor side of the bleachers and the other close to the home bleachers. The two follow the beat of the drums and begin to conduct the band. The performance of Revere earned them a top score overall and a spot in the state competition. 

Senior Charlotte Silvidi and junior Mike Restivo are drum majors for the 2021 band season where they lead and conduct the band, and both participate in similar activities in the musical field. 

The role of drum major in the Marching Band comes with responsibility. Drum major is more than just conducting the band, Restivo and Silvidi are an extension of the director. Music director Dr. Darren LeBeau was one of the directors who chose Restivo and Silvidi for the roles. He explained what duties drum major entails. 

“They carry out many duties that we ask them to, like rounding up the kids, making sure the kids work on their music, learning their drill and running rehearsals between the director and the kids… They also work with the leaders within the band,” LeBeau said. 

To become drum major, students must go through leadership academy, a program created by LeBeau that teaches students how to conduct, march and leadership qualities. Not only do drum majors go through this process, but anyone that wants a leadership position must also go through this training. Leadership positions include squad leaders who take care of four students and section leaders who lead their entire section of instruments. LeBeau explained more about the process of choosing the two for drum major. 

“So everybody comes to leadership. We do seven or eight times, and we meet for an hour after school, usually [at the] end of April, beginning of May, and then of those people that come, they can choose to audition, so they come to an audition at the end of all of these and they have to sit for an interview. I usually have other directors come in and they interview them, and then [the candidates] have to conduct,” LeBeau said. 

Restivo explained his view on drum major and how he sees it not as a conducting responsibility but instead a leadership role.

“I conduct the band, but I don’t like to think of it as your primary purpose as drum major… I think it should be more leadership based,” Restivo said. 

As drum majors, the two stand on opposite sides of the field to conduct the band. With this, the two must be in sync with each other. Silvidi explained how trust comes into play in order to perform well. 

“As drum majors, you have to trust each other or nothing is going to work out like you can’t get anything done, so being able to have little side conversations allows us to trust each other,” Silvidi said.

As Silvidi makes her way through the year, graduation is right around the corner. Silvidi is passionate about music and sees herself furthering into that field but not necessarily in the band. 

“I’m considering joining some small ensembles, but as a profession, I am more looking into music therapy. I definitely do want music to stay a part of my life but not necessarily in the concert band or Marching Band aspect,” Silvidi said. 

When Silvidi became drum major, she looked towards Revere alumnus Joe Restivo for guidance in the role. He happens to be Mike Resitvo’s older brother. 

“I looked up to Joe Restivo. He was a friend, but he also did so much… he was the only person I knew that [was drum major and in Revere Players] and actually accomplished something,” Silvidi said. 

Restivo followed the path of his brother and looked up to him in previous years as drum major and also in Revere Players. Before becoming drum major, Silvidi played the clarinet, while Restivo played the snare drum. Restivo has participated in Revere Players since eighth grade when he made an appearance in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat and has been in both the play and the musical ever since, including his newest role this year as Tom Kreider in Radium Girls. Restivo explained why he enjoys Revere Players.

“I really like the performing aspect about it. I also really like the group of kids… they are all really nice, and they’re really fun to talk to,” Restivo said. 

Silvidi started her musical theatre career with Revere Players back in fifth grade with the role of a munchkin in The Wizard of Oz. This year she will play Irene Rudolph in Radium Girls. She had her first big role in the play Sherlock Holmes where she got to act beside her twin sister Maria Silvidi. Silvidi explained why this is her favorite role so far. 

“It was really fun to be in Sherlock especially because that was my first performance and to be able to do that with my sister, especially because our characters were the only comic relief in the entire show, so to be that character was fun,” Silvidi said. 

Outside of school Silvidi furthers her music with piano and guitar along with Restivo who has begun to learn guitar. The two perform at every Varsity football game on Friday nights and band competitions on Saturdays. Along with this, make sure to see Silvidi and Restivo this winter in Radium Girls.