Revere Players presents ‘Hello, Dolly!’

Amanda Nelson, Opinion Editor

The cast and crew of the Revere Players are putting on their annual spring musical, which will be Hello Dolly this season.

Director Laurie Russell described the plot of Hello Dolly.

It takes place in New York City around 1900. A widow, Mrs. Dolly Levi is a “jack of all trades” but what she does best is meddle. She is the local matchmaker. It is a whirlwind adventure in the big city as we see Dolly finally finding love,” Russell said.

Russell explained the obstacles the cast and crew encountered during the practices before opening night.

“Only problems involved snow days and the flu. This resulting in a lot of missed practices. We very rarely had the entire cast there all at one time,” Russell said.

The main role in Hello Dolly, Horace Vandergelder, belongs to junior Tylor Davis. Davis explained the nature of his character, stating that the best part of playing Horace is his comedic role. Davis further described the character.

“He is a big old, grumpy, rich guy that is looking for a wife,” Davis said.

Davis explained how this year’s musical differs from ones performed in the past.

“There is a lot more music than dialogue in this show than there was last year. The show also is written to be funnier as well, with a more slapstick approach,” Davis said.

Senior Kelly Schikowski has participated in eight total productions including the upcoming musical. Schikowski described her character.

“Dolly is a widow who for years has been doing odd jobs to keep herself afloat. She realizes she can’t live outside of society anymore, and the whole show is really her, and the rest of the cast, finding her way back into society,” Schikowski said.

Schikowski also described the most difficult aspect of acting as her character in the musical.

“The hardest part about playing Dolly is the fact that Dolly is so much older than I am. Here you have a woman with years and years of life experience who longs to join society again. I’m only eighteen, so learning to draw on my short amount of time on this Earth has been challenging, but it’s certainly been fun,” Schikowski said.

Schikowski explained the difference between this year’s musical and the ones that have occured in the past.

“We all know that this show is perhaps, technically, one of the hardest shows we’ve ever done, so we come into rehearsal ready to work,” Schikowski said.

This year’s musical is Schikowski’s last production with Revere Players. She commented on her favorite memory so far this year.

“The first readthrough of the show was amazing. We all sat in a circle on stage and read through the entire show and hearing everyone play their parts and hearing everyone laugh at all the jokes for the first time was such a treat,” Schikowski said.

Bob Pierson, set construction manager for Revere Players production, supervises and assists in the making of the Hello Dolly sets. Pierson detailed his involvement in set construction.

I work with Mrs. Russell and Mrs. Baker and provide them with what they need for the production. Then I research, sketch and paint up detailed plans for my carpenters and painters to follow,” Pierson said.

Pierson stated that anywhere from twelve to twenty people help paint various sets for the musical. They meet Monday through Thursday from 2:45 to 3:45 with a few six hour weekend work days. Pierson mainly designs the scenery and leaves the painting and construction to the students. Pierson also plays a role in keeping everyone safe by supervising their work. Pierson described the type of sets the audience should expect to see.

“There are some turn of the 19th century city scenes, four backdrops, grand staircase and some period retail environments. It is a very colorful show,” Pierson said.

This will be Pierson’s twentieth year designing sets for Revere Players. He elaborated on how this experience has affected him.

“I enjoy the work, I enjoy the experience and I know that it has made me better teacher and a better artist,” Pierson said.

Senior Allison Gonzales has been involved with set construction for two years and three shows. Gonzales revealed what she is most looking forward to the musical.  

Everyone looks forward to the performances, but Tech Week leading up to it is always fun but stressful. You see all of your hard work pay off and you help everything run smoothly and successfully. They are long days but I enjoy being with my friends and seeing everything run perfectly for the actors,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales described the different sets she completed during her time after school.

“For Hello Dolly we have been painting a hat boutique and a row of stores, that include a florist and a meat store. There’s going to be at least one more backdrop and then we will paint the wooden pieces the carpenters build,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales also shared some thoughts on being a senior, knowing that this will be her last performance with Revere Players.

“Since I have not been around as long as the stage managers, I do not know how it feels to have this be your eighth and last show, but it is definitely sad for me. I love painting and working on the sets with my crew, and I am definitely going to miss it,” Gonzales said.

Rehearsal for the musical started in January, and opening night is April 19 through 21st at 7:00 pm and April 22 at 2:00 pm.