Swim alumni return for special meet

Amanda Nelson, Opinion Editor, Special Feature Editor

Revere alumni traveled back home to participate in a special swim meet with current Revere swimmers over the winter break.

Ten Revere alumni, including 2017 graduates Joci Scott, Emily Parish and Clayton Fink, participated in this event. In this meet, swimmers who graduated receive the opportunity to race against current Revere swimmers.

Scott, an Ohio State University student studying psychology, explained how this particular meet is different than a normal one.

“The events are split with even slots for current swimmers and alumni, and the events themselves are different from those of a typical swim meet.  Swimmers have the option to swim in a fifty meter (two lengths of the pool) of each stroke, or in relay events with a fun twist, like everyone has to wear a t-shirt while they swim or they have to swim the entire length of the pool underwater without a breath,” Scott said.

Scott explained how she felt participating in the meet as an alumnus rather than a current swimmer on the team.

“It was a little nostalgic, since I remember participating in the rigorous practices and the high-energy meets, but I’m glad the kids are having fun because these are some of the best memories they’ll make at Revere,” Scott said.

Scott also had the opportunity to compete with her brother, Ryan Scott, a sophomore on the swim team.

“He and I started swimming together on a swim team about nine years ago. I’m super proud of all that he has accomplished and grown up to be, but I know that he is nowhere near finished improving,” Scott said.

Scott also gave some advice for current high school students at Revere.

“College is nothing like high school, and although there will be things you love about it, there will be times that you’ll long for the familiarity of home again.  Some of you are so eager to get out, but just remember to take a step back and really enjoy the time you’re in, right now, because you’ll never get it back.  Remember to thank your parents, coaches and teachers, because they [have] a large part in creating who you become as an adult,” Scott said.

Parish, a nursing major at Kent State University, participated in swimming and track during her time at Revere. Parish explained the feeling of her first year attending the meet as an alumni.

“It makes me feel a bit old, but watching the younger swimmers grow and drop time always makes me very happy,” Parish said.

Parish met some new faces at the meet and conversed with some of her former teammates as well.

“They got a new coach this season, [so] that was a popular topic. I was interested in how they liked the new coach and how the practices and meets had been going,” Parish said.

Fink also attended the alumni meet. He currently studies criminology at John Carroll University.

Fink described the feeling of participating in a his first meet as an alumnus after graduation.

“I feel a sense of pride in the Revere swim team program as well as admiration in the amount of effort my previous classmates have put in to get where they are now,” Fink said.

Fink also had advice for current high schoolers planning on attending college after they graduate.

“Appreciate the time you have now before you get really busy,” Fink said.

Allison Morris, a current junior on the swim team, described the events she participated in during the alumni meet.

“[I was in the] 50 breaststroke, 50 freestyle (twice, once in the girls heat, then in the mixed heat with my brother chris morris), underwater relay, 200 kick relay, and 200 backstroke relay,” Morris said.

Morris also described the experience of racing against the record holder for the 50 freestyle.

“Although, the 50 freestyle is my best event and Maggie Harris was there, she has women’s 50 freestyle record for the school, so I was definitely a little nervous for that event,” Morris said.

The alumni meet provides an opportunity for alumni to return to their former team and participate in competitive environment like they did before. Even though these swimmers have moved in their lives, this meet reminds them of a time that shaped their characters.