Players present ‘A Christmas Carol’ for winter season


Narrators from left to right: Molly Oldham, William Marchetta, Sasha Desberg, Tylor Davis and Eric Dye with lead Joe Restivo as Ebenezer Scrooge

Kurt Benedict, Online Editor

The Revere Players presented the production of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol for their annual fall play this year.

Revere Players assistant director Laurie Russell talked about the auditions, which took place in September and the large cast that was chosen as a result of the auditions.

“After reading scenes from the show, 42 students were chosen to be in the cast according to their scores in characterization, projection, facial expressions, and stage presence,” Russell said.

Russell also commented on why the play was chosen, as well as those who assisted in building the set and those who will be running the tech booth.

“[The play] was chosen for the large cast and the universal appeal of the story. I am the assistant director. Mrs. Rena Baker is the lead director, Mr. Bob Carlyon is the vocal director, Mr. Robert Pierson is the art director and Mr. Darren LeBeau is the technical director. There are 20-30 students working with Mr. Pierson to build our set. This includes building set pieces and painting backdrops. There will be 5-6 students working in the tech booth controlling the lighting and the sound for the show,” Russell said.

Russell also commented on when the annual Senior Citizens show will take place, as well as why it is an enjoyable experience for those members of the community.

“The Senior Citizen show will be Thursday, November 15 at 10:00. The seniors in our community love to come to the shows and enjoy breakfast provided by the RHS PTA before the show,” Russell said.

Revere Players student director Julia Scott talked about the auditions, which took place on September 6 and 7, and also commented on what students do during the auditions.

“Students are given five or six different excerpts from the play, each a scene with different characters. Students choose a scene and form groups with the number of people needed for the scene, each student reading for a different character. Each student auditions two scenes,” Scott said.

Scott also talked about how the play is difficult to put on, and that it requires a lot of memorization and coordination to pull off, and that it is difficult to manage many people with different lines.

“It is very difficult to manage forty people with . . . different entrances [and] different placements. Especially this year, because Carolers fill in the scene changes and pauses in the scenes, so the Carolers and actors in the scenes always have to be waiting on one another for cues,” Scott said.

Scott also talked about the senior citizen’s show and why the event is always one that benefits the community.

“The Senior Citizen show is our first show for the play. Senior citizens are given a free brunch and show. The audience is always packed! The senior citizens always give us so much energy and positivity, so we enjoy having our first show be for them. They surely enjoy our talent,” Scott said.

Scott also commented on how other people assist in the play, including the band which plays the music, crew, and those that run the tech booth all make the show run smoothly.

“The crew, the tech, and the pit help make the show come together! We, the cast, are grateful for them and all their hard work, because the show could not happen without them,” Scott said.

The play ran November 16 and 17 at 7:00 PM, and on Sunday, November 18.


Cast List


Ava Alessio, Felipe Amstutz, Jack Besenyodi, Kaitlyn Borcherding, Amelia Brackett, Eli Brackett, Daphne Choy, Lily Cowie, Tylor Davis, Elisha Dennis-Brinson, Sasha Desberg, Eric Dye, Jenny Fan, Kaedon Farist, Kyle Fink, Mary Flowers, Katie Froelich, Audrey Halvorson, Ben Hunt, Norah Jenkins, Spencer Jones, Caden Jones, Lucas King, Matthew Lalkowski, William Marchetta, Meridith McDermott, Joe Modlik, Tyler Montgomery, Ryan Mullaly, Molly Oldham, Lilly Oldham, Nathan Phan, Troy Pierson, Bella Pignataro, Micah Post, Erica Price, Connor Radcliff, Joe Restivo, Philip Rundo, John Scheetz, Becca Schmidt, Julia Scott, Maria Silvidi, Meredith Stein, Katie Weil


Bella Benza, Jack Uher Claire Brokloff, Emma Butera, Sasha Desberg, Brandon Dutkiewicz, John Flowers, Dylan Gambert, Maggie Gerber, Sam Gerber, Marissa Gonzales, Sophia Gugliotta, Sarah Guilda, Kyra Heijnan, Brianna Jarvis, Jackson Kastelic, Abby Kayani, Olivia Kayani, Rachel Kraus, Lucy Lutman, Rienne Perna, Meggan Phan, Gabi Schmidt, Aaron Stalnaker