Mu Alpha Theta celebrates Pi Day

Hannah Weisburn, Design Editor

A Mu Alpha Theta tradition continued as the club celebrated Pi Day and members exchanged completed math problems for slices of pie.

Math teacher and supervisor of Mu Alpha Theta Joanne Gillette explains how Mu Alpha Theta started in 2012. A few members of Mu Alpha Theta, the math honor society, developed that same year the celebratory math for pie practice.  Gillette further elaborated on the start-up of the tradition.

“I had some very motivated math students who came after school and we created questions and brought in pie. It was Anne Sun, Samuel Quo, Cindy Lin, and Edwin Zhang— those are the 4 that helped start Mu Alpha Theta,” Gillette said.

This year’s president of Mu Alpha Theta is Jason Fan, a senior at RHS. Fan explained part of the preparation process for the event.

“There is one preparation day after school and the day before the event. [Gillette] had a list on her chalkboard of people that would be in each lunch period helping (usually 6-8 people per lunch). During lunch, the members go to the front of the cafeteria and they either cut pie, hand out problems or check answers and they do that for their entire lunch,” Fan said.

Michael Tomechko, a sophomore at Revere, is a first year member of Mu Alpha Theta. As a new member, Tomechko explained how he got involved and what it was like for him. 

“I am joining because I like math. Mrs. Gillette asked for volunteers so I volunteered—I gave out questions to people at lunch,” Tomechko said.