Boys lacrosse builds skills to ensure future success

Lily Cowie, Special feature editor, culture editor

The men’s lacrosse team prepares for a new season by training inexperienced players and building skills to ensure future success for the team.

Senior and varsity starter Peter Grandon discussed the season and the team.

“The varsity starters are all seniors, I believe, and the majority of the rest of the team is freshman so we have to use this season to build the younger guys skills as well as grow as the team we have now in order to succeed this year and help the younger guys succeed in the future,” Grandon said.

The new players will learn from their upperclassmen in hopes to carry the team in following years. Senior and varsity starter Clay Kasson also discussed the current players.

“Most of the boys are seniors and this is the last time we will play together,” Kasson said.

Grandon also talked about how he trains outside of the season.

“Outside of the season, I play club with Man Up Lacrosse in the summer as well as in the fall and winter for their indoor teams. A lot of guys also play box lacrosse in the winter and for other club teams such as Force and Burning River,” Grandon said.

Grandon also talked about the difference between last year’s season and this season.

“Our coaching staff has changed a lot, and we lost a lot of our key offensive players, so we are changing a lot of plays this season to account for these things,” Grandon said.  

Grandon talked about recent patterns in games.  

“We’ve had a lot of games where we start very slow and have to play catch up lacrosse which is difficult because it’s much harder to get momentum,” Grandon said.

Senior and varsity starter Will Bowe is taking part in the lacrosse experience for the first time. Bowe discussed his reason for joining.

“I already did track and baseball so I figured I’d try something new,” Bowe said.

Sophomore Clark Brnilovich talked about his hopes for next years team.

“At the end of this season our team is going to be much smaller as we are graduating a large number of seniors and the next season is going to have a rough start but I believe the underclassmen are going to step up as they are already showing determination and talent,” Brnilovich said.

Grandon mentioned none of the players intend to commit to college in regard to lacrosse. The seniors on the team include Carter Boggs, Mason Boone, Parker Boone, Will Bowe, Cameron Crouse, Bradley Garrison, Peter Grandon, Clay Kasson, George Seifert, and Nate Schapel.