Chess boxing takes ultimate brainpower

Mikey Kahoe, Sports editor

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Chess boxing is the ultimate combination of boxing and chess, two completely different sports requiring completely different skills. Having only the skills needed to box or play chess will not be enough to win. Participants must be proficient at both sports to have a shot at winning a chessboxing match.

According to chessboxing global, the sport was created by a Dutch man, Iepe Rubingh, in 2003 and based on the graphic novel Froid Équateur, a science fiction novel that features a previously unheard of sport, chess boxing. Players participate in eleven three-minute rounds alternating between chess and boxing. They are allowed only nine minutes on the clock for all six of the chess rounds. A fighter can win by knockout, checkmate, running out of time or judges decision.

Because of the nature of this sport and the variety of skills needed, participants make the best partners for the zombie apocalypse. Although no one knows exactly what will happen, most agree on a few simple facts. First, survivors can expect to be attacked by the undead. Second, there will be some survivors looking to hurt, kill and steal from other survivors. Lastly, survivors will need to think critically to find alternative sources of food and supplies. Having members on your survival team with these skills is essential.

Chess boxing helps hone the skills needed to cope with all of those challenges. The skills a chessboxer learns from the fighting portion of the sport will undoubtedly assist him in preventing a zombie from sinking its teeth into him. The intelligence learned through playing chess allows the survivor to see multiple moves ahead of possible human attackers. Both the critical thinking ability needed to play chess and the extreme physical conditioning needed to box are useful when hunting down food and supplies. Any of these skills alone can be useful, but the combination of all of them is deadly. This combination can be found in a chess boxer.

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Chess boxing takes ultimate brainpower