Women’s volleyball retains strong prospects


Lux DeMoss

Senior Maya Kerr Coste attempts to spike the ball against Copley.

Mikey Kahoe, Sports Editor

The volleyball team continues their season in the Suburban League with wins against Barberton, Highland and Copley.

The team hopes to win the Suburban League this year for the fourth time in five years. They brought back eight varsity players from last year and added two freshmen. Head coach Dana Cummins spoke about what the team has done to reach their goals.

“In the off season and preseason we had Sculpt Fitness training, open gyms [and], ten practice days . . . . We also have filming sessions that the girls watch to improve their game and skill,” Cummins said.

Cummins believes the team is on their way to reaching their goal. She spoke about what they have to do to succeed.

“We have to continue to work hard, stay focused, stay healthy and mentally tough to meet our goal,” Cummins said.

In addition to offseason workouts and practices, the team participated in numerous team bonding activities. Senior captain Anna Kantaras spoke about the importance of a close team.

“I also think team camaraderie is very important. . . . To be a successful team, the effort has to come from everyone. One good player cannot win a game,” Kantaras said.

The Varsity volleyball team is 14-2-1. The seniors on the team this year include Isabelle Guerreau, Anna Kantaras, Grace Kucika, Anna D’amico, Maya Kerr Coste, and Kate Fulton.