Revere golf teams prepare for posteason tournaments

Troy Pierson, Editor-in-Chief

The Revere boys and girls’ golf teams continue their new season with prospects of improving individual performances and working towards postseason tournaments.

Before the official season started in August, the teams took similar approaches to their training to attain maximum performance during their matches and tournaments. Both teams received optional conditioning regimens from Sculpt Fitness, however each team held different perspectives on the conditioning.

Senior golfer Amy Race gave her perspective on Sculpt Fitness and how it helped the girls team.

“I think it was good. [Sculpt] kept us in shape because it was every Tuesday and Thursday every week of the summer. Our instructor James was really nice, and all the girls that came had a lot of fun,” Race said.

Beyond Sculpt’s training, the teams practiced throughout the summer by going to the driving range, receiving private lessons and competing in a variety of preseason tournaments.  Pocze explained the importance of preseason training.

“[Preseason training] definitely shows, especially during tryouts. You can see who has been practicing golf and who has not, just by your score immediately. Based on that, you can see how the people who have not practiced will slowly acclimate down to their actual score. . . . The people who have been golfing are consistently good,” Pocze said.

As a new addition to the girls’ coaching staff, geometry teacher Stephen Wido joined the team this season to help the girls with their performances. As the assistant coach for the baseball team, Wido described the difference between coaching the two sports.

“With golf, you cannot get all uptight, you have to take a deep breath, you have to be positive; if you’re not you’re just going to mess your whole game up. I just like the fact that it is a different aspect of coaching, and hopefully maybe part of it I will learn and transition some of those skills to baseball. It is the opposite sport, so it kinda just gives me a different perspective,” Wido said.

Wido additionally commented on the girls’ peformances during the season and potentials for the future.

“I think our girls have shown so much improvement that I think there’s a positive future. I think one thing I’d like to see is eventually maybe [some] junior high . . . programs [to] kinda kick-start it,” Wido said.

The men’s golf team finished with a record of 10 -2, and the girls team finished with a record of 1-9. Seniors for the team include Tyler Akrom, Alex Dye, Nick Dye, Karl Land, and Alex Pocze. Seniors for the girls team include Amy Race.