Marching band competes at Louisville invitational

Mikey Kahoe, Sports Editor

The Revere marching band competed at the Louisville invitation on Saturday, September 15th, earning a superior rating, first place band class A and best percussion class A.

The Revere marching band has been preparing for their competitions since July, when they started practice. Band director Darren Lebeau spoke about how the band prepared for this competition.

“We started rehearsals in band camp on July 30th, and we’ve been slowly building the show since then. We’ve worked on marching basics, music basics, memorizing music and drill,” Lebeau said.

This year the band is playing a show titled “Under the Stars,” which contains music from the song “Sky Full of Stars” by Coldplay. The band has encountered some challenges producing their new show. Field commander, Micah Post commented on the challenges the band faces with their new show.

“There are definitely some challenges involved with playing such an intense show. We constantly have to make sure that every section is contributing to the overall sound. We also have to make sure that everyone has memorized all of their music and their positions in the show,” Post said.

The band overcame their challenges, and earned a superior rating at the competition. Band council president Macy Keaton spoke about how the band earned a superior rating, and how they can improve.

“We put in a lot of effort and pulled things together for the show. Everyone focused on playing to the best of their abilities and making the visual effects as clean as possible. There’s definitely still room to improve, specifically when it comes to tempo. We also need to improve on getting every member of the band to put in all of their effort,” Keaton said.

The competitions are decided by nine different judges who must all agree on what rating to give to each band. Post commented on how to score well at the competition.

“To score well at this competition, we have to perform well in a variety of areas. The most critical of these are marching and playing skills,” Post said.

The band’s next performance is Saturday, October 13 at the Bands of America Northeast Ohio Regional Championship in Canton.