Women’s soccer team heads to districts

Meghan Nadzam, Staff Reporter

After multiple losses, the women’s Varsity soccer team pushed their way into the playoffs and won their first three games and the Districts championship.

With a record of 7-12-1, the team included a variety of players from each grade. Four freshmen, four sophomores, eight juniors and six seniors made up a roster of twenty-two players. The seniors included midfielder Alli Depp, defender Allison Gonzales, midfielder Madison Lanford, midfielder Abby Ray, defender Makena Ray and defender Kayleigh Soltis.

Lanford, Makena Ray and junior midfielder Julia Effinger represented captains of the team. Lanford expressed her thoughts on their roles as a leaders of the team.

“I [would] like to say we have [done well as leaders]. [The] team listens well and responds well to us and looks to us for leadership and guidance,” Lanford said.

The team’s post season began with a game on October 16 against Canton South High School. The team won 7-0.

“We started out slow, and when we got our foot in, it then kind of took off from there with non-stop goal scoring. . . . I think we wanted [to win] really bad. We knew we could beat [Canton South]. We were in the right mindset for that game, too,” Makena Ray said.

The team felt amazing after the win against Canton South in the playoffs.

“We [had not] won since August, so it was a great change of pace. . . . Losing those games one after another [caused us] to feel a little discouraged on how we were playing. Everyone had their own way of dealing with it. . . . We were more prepared [for the Canton South game],” Lanford said.

The next playoff game took place on Thursday, October 19, against West Branch High School. Revere won again with 3-0.

“[We girls] prepared hard for that game. We watched film [of the other team’s games], so we knew [the other team’s] strengths and weaknesses,” Lanford said.

According to Makena Ray, the conditions of the playing field caused discomfort and trouble for the team and the game itself.

“[The field was grass], but it was very slanted, had bumps and divots, and the grass was long. . . . [The] biggest struggle for that game was the field itself,” Makena Ray said.

The next playoff game took place on October 22 against Woodridge. Revere won with 2-1. According to Head Coach Dave Howson, everyone on the team has contributed.

“I could go through each one of these twenty-two and say what they each bring to the team and the squad. . . . [The captains] are very passionate and good examples for the rest of the team,” Howson said.

Since the beginning of the regular season, the team has had their eye on the Districts and winning that game. The Varsity team did eventually win the Districts game, on Thursday, October 26, against Marlington at Highland. Revere won with 2-0.

“The season [did not] go how we wanted it to go. I think everyone can see that. [The team got] the reward of going to the playoffs. [We peaked] at the right moment. . . . [The girls] can handle whatever is thrown at them. They are taking the stride and keep going,” Howson said.

Junior Varsity coach and Revere graduate Emma Harding has had faith in the Varsity team all season.

“I always preach that if you can control your attitude, you can control your effort. Every game [was] not a loss. We [learned] from [every game, win or loss]. It [will] pay off [eventually],” Harding said.

According to Harding, the team has always kept their heads and spirits up.

“[Even] though [the girls] have been struggling all season, they still come out every practice and every game and they still try to win, to play, and still love [the sport],” Harding said.

Howson also saw the motivation that the team has.

“[They] are exciting to watch, resilient, and motivated towards a common goal . . . [Assistant] Coach Pat [Cingle] came up with a word I think that described [the team] perfectly which was ‘relentless’,” Howson said.

Howson has seen the Varsity team win the Districts twice in his seven years of coaching at Revere. Each player and Varsity coach received a medal in honor of the win. The team played in the Regional Semi-Finals on Tuesday, October 31 against Canfield High at Ravenna High School. The Varsity team lost to Canfield by a score of 2-0.