Revere wrestlers train with Kusar family program

Michael McKee, Staff Reporter

The Revere High School wrestling team aided by the Kusar family training program hopes to succeed this season with a strong combination of seniors and freshmen.

For decades the Revere wrestling team has trained through the Kusar family wrestling program. The program strives to help wrestlers reach their full potential, creating seasoned wrestlers. Assistant coach of the team Michael Kostandaras took part in the Kusar training program when he wrestled at Walsh Jesuit High School.

“The program is a very welcoming, supportive group of families and wrestlers. The lifestyle factor I feel really bonds the team together because no matter how hard it gets at any point of the season whether in practice or cutting weight before a weigh in. You have a dozen more teammates going through that same rigorous process with you,” Konstandaras said.

Nathan Ferrar, a senior wrestler for the Minutemen, has wrestled since he moved to Revere his sophomore year; he also trains with the Kusar family. He elaborated on his training.

“During the season we train every day after our wrestling, and over the summer I train about three to four days a week, we do a lot of conditioning and in the summer we work on strength and size,” Ferrar said.

Ferrar explained that the athletes train with Mr. Kusar and they were allowed to train all summer. Ferrar described the Kusar lifting program as a very physically challenging program that benefits him and the team both physically and mentally.

Revere wrestling head coach Dan Mosher helps train the wrestlers in the gym and through the Kusar family program. Mosher detailed the exercises in the program.

“The Kusar program focuses primarily on wrestling-specific strength training exercises. The kids work heavily on back, shoulder, and leg strengthening. They go through a combination of wrestling-specific drills, strength exercises, hand fighting, and live wrestling situations,” Mosher said.

Mosher and the team financially support the program through fundraising, holding off-season open mats and workouts. They also oversee the youth middle school wrestling programs and promote the team over social media.

Kostandaras described what senior leadership is like on the team and how it affects the wrestlers.

“The seniors on the team set a great example for the underclassmen and middle schoolers who practice with us as well. The beauty in wrestling is that leadership can come from anyone regardless of grade due to the sport’s individual aspect,” Kostandaras said.

Mosher described his goals and how he and the team are going to achieve them for the team this season.

“The main goal is always for every wrestler to improve skill and mental toughness from beginning to end. We plan to do this with a lot of hard work, and sweat, and maybe even a few tears,” Mosher said.

The team’s seniors include Thomas Baker, Ferrar, Nicholas Kelly,  Brody Muir-Johnson, and Tim Vlasek. The wrestlers’ next match is the Maple Heights Invitational on December 30.