Military Commitments 2023

Josh Rock → Enlistee → Air Force


Joshua Rock, a current Junior at Revere High School, is graduating early to enlist in the US Air Force. His choice to  serve came from his hope to get experience in the field as well as wanting to utilize the G.I. Bill, a program that helps veterans pay for college, graduate school and other training programs. When deciding which branch of the military to join, Rock took into account advice from military personnel that the Air Force would provide greater benefits moving forward. He comes from a family of veterans, with two uncles that have served. Rock is unsure of his military future as of right now, as he is waiting to get a better feel of the military lifestyle and get a chance to weigh his options before making any large decisions. 

Chase Newcomb → Enlistee → Air Force 


Chase Newcomb, a senior at Revere High School, decided to join the military through his enlistment in the Air Force. One of the many factors that influenced his decision was Newcomb’s desire to avoid incurring debt, and due to his passion for the service and the variety of opportunities the Air Force provides, Newcomb made his decision. In his family, Newcomb was not the first to join the armed forces, his Grandpa served in the Navy, inspiring him to make his decision. Newcomb plans to make a career out of his military service, and he intends to stay in until he has achieved a degree in criminal justice, allowing him to pursue a career in law enforcement later on.


*The names of graduates who will be entering the armed services were provided to Lantern by the guidance office, as reported to them by the students themselves.  Thank you to Mr. DePompei, Mrs. Long, Mrs. Rion and Mrs. Reinhold for their help with this article.