RHS prepares for annual Prom

Created by Kendall Morrison

Created by Kendall Morrison

Revere’s senior class and its guests are once again taking on prom, getting dressed up in their formal attire for the one-time occasion.

Spring brings yet another annual event for Revere’s senior class– prom. Students only embark on the adventure once in their high school career (unless specially invited in a previous year). 

Senior Lauren Weil is the Secretary of the Senior Class Council. She has organized previous dances as fundraisers for other Revere clubs and believes this specific dance is a special night for seniors. 

“[Prom is] something you wait for your whole high school career essentially, so it’s more special than all the other dances,” Weil said.

The Senior Class Council is working with the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) to bring the best prom possible to the Class of 2023. This is Class Council’s only dance, so they dedicate a large portion of their time to planning such an event. The group chose the theme of “Masquerade” weeks ago and has been holding meetings to figure out all of the logistics since.

Estimating attendance at 225 people, the organizers have to prepare for an overwhelming amount of noise, hustle and bustle. Therefore, they voted to hold prom at a different venue from last year– Quaker Station. Math teacher Jenna Repp is the senior class adviser and looks over all prom festivities. 

“Quaker Station is a large venue where it’s nice; there’s plenty of space for the dance floor and tables to be separate,” Repp said.

Repp has been working on prom events for years and works especially close with the Class Council officers during the second semester of their senior year to make sure even the smallest of details are in place for prom, even organizing a vote for the theme of Masquerade at the 2023 event.

Merit Wagstaff is the current senior class president and has been highly involved in the activity of Revere since his freshman year.

“This is kind of the main [event] that we’ve been focusing on,” Wagstaff said.

Class Council has been fundraising for prom since the 2019-2020 school year, raising around $3,000 to fund the event through primarily restaurant-sponsored fundraisers.

The night will begin with an optional promenade, where students can walk across the stage in the RHS auditorium and strike a pose for their families. This event is separate from the dancing portion of the evening.

“The idea with promenade is for any community members or parents, siblings, underclassmen to come and have a chance to see everyone that’s going to prom all dressed up and be announced and walk across stage,” Repp said. 

Afterward, the prom-goers transport themselves to Quaker Station, where their staff will serve dinner at 7:30 pm.

“This year, [Class Council] selected your standard grilled lemon rosemary chicken, fresh herb vegetables, roasted potatoes, salad, rolls, and … oreo blondies and cookies for dessert,” Repp said.

All students will sit at the tables they signed up for. Tables will seat up to ten and were arranged on Wednesday May 3, 2023 after school in Repp’s room. One of Repp’s main goals is to create the smoothest night possible for everyone involved.

“It’s helpful to make sure students meet the deadline if they have the pressure of table sign-ups,” Repp said.

Students will dance, take pictures and eat food until the end of the event unless they leave with parental permission. When prom ends at 10:30, after prom begins.

Organized by the PTSA, with the use of separate fundraising, after prom’s theme is “Pajama Party” and will include escape rooms, poker and more. 

“After prom is where you really have fun,” Wagstaff said. 

But creating a fun time isn’t the only purpose of after prom– it is another way to prevent kids from going to after parties and practicing dangerous behavior. 

“After prom [is] a … fun environment to continue the prom celebrations in a safe way,” Repp said.

Administrators, teachers, police officers and general chaperones will all be in attendance to keep an event with over 200 people involved as safe and smooth as possible.

This night is one of the last big events for seniors before they graduate high school.

Wagstaff is graduating this year and plans to leave with some positive words of encouragement not just to the senior class participating in prom, but also to all of the future students who will be attending Revere in the future. 

“I know I sound like a broken record, but … just enjoy yourself because it’s going to fly by,” Wagstaff said.

Revere’s 2023 prom will be held on Saturday, May 13th, 2023 at Quaker Station from 7-10:30 pm. Tickets are $55 with a $25 late fee after final sales on April 27 and will only be available until May 2 on a senior student’s PaySchools account. After prom tickets will be priced at $10.