Basketball Team Travels to Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

Aidan McKee, Associate Editor

The Revere Men’s Basketball team traveled to Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on December 21st to play the Bay Village Rockets in a game they won 69-52. 

Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse has served as the home of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Cleveland Cavaliers for the last three decades, and each year a group of high school programs are selected for an opportunity to play on the state’s biggest stage. This season Revere was granted that chance.

Dean Rahas, Revere’s Head Basketball coach, explained how his squad was granted the opportunity to compete in such a prestigious environment. 

“Throughout the years our program has had a very close relationship with the Cavs, and that connection was really strengthened when Larry Nance Jr. was on the team. The fact that he was an alumnus and still has family in the area really helped that. That connection has made us lucky enough to have them invite us back every few years,” Rahas said. 

Playing under the brightest lights can have a significant effect on the way in which a team performs, and it was that fallout that Rahas had to maneuver through. He explained how he prepared the team for the game. 

“All week during practice, I could tell how excited the team was to play. I know from experience that such excitement can be overwhelming, and sometimes the lights just shine too bright. I really tried to stress that they would be playing the same game they always have, the court was still 92 feet, the baskets still 10,” Rahas said. 

Opportunities such as this are uncommon, and success on the court was still important. Rahas could not help but see the importance of the game to his players. He spoke on the impact he hopes the game left

upon them. 

“Playing there is something they will never forget. Things like this do not come around often in life, so when they do, it is so important to capitalize on them, and they could not have done a better job at doing so,” Rahas said.

While it may seem as though the game would cap off a season, the win against Bay only served as one of the season’s introductory matches. Having achieved such a pinnacle, continuing to succeed could be difficult. Rahas explained what he thinks the game will mean for the rest of the season.

“I think winning that game showed us what we were capable of. Additionally, it gave us a chance to look at what we could see later in the season if we continue our success. Districts and Regionals are played in arenas just like that, and through success, we could make it back,” Rahas said.

Junior Carson Banks commands the court (Danny Wildman)

Senior Chris Muntean has played a major role in the success of the Minuteman this season. Muntean has loved basketball his entire life, and in particular, the Cleveland Cavaliers, so when presented with the opportunity to play in the same arena as his favorite team, he was excited. He explained what playing on such a stage meant to him. 

“Since I was a kid, I’ve watched the Cavs, been to games, and supported them win or lose. To play on the same court I’ve watched some of my favorite players and legends of the game play on was really special and definitely something I will never forget,” Muntean said. 

Muntean has committed to Bluffton University to continue his basketball career. With his commitment, Muntean can expect to play under similar circumstances throughout the next stage of his basketball career. He explained how he believes his experience at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse has given him a glimpse of the scale of college basketball.

“College Basketball is important around the country, so the stadiums are massive  compared to what we have in high school. It was nice to see what I am looking forward to following my time at Revere,” Muntean said. 

Jagraj Dhillon, another of Revere’s senior players, played a pivotal role in the Minuteman’s victory over Bay Village. He explained what the opportunity meant to him and how the location affected his performance.

“Going into the game, I was nervous and just wanted to play as well as I could because I knew everyone else was feeling the same way. I was really happy with how I played, and that the team was able to pull together for a win,” Dhillon said. 

The Minuteman remain successful following their victory against the Rockets and maintain a record of 11-2.

The team following their win (Danny Wildman)

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