Revere staff members win awards

Two Revere High School staff members won awards for their excellence in teaching and caring for their students after being nominated by people familiar with their work.

School counselor Emily Rion won the Teacher Excellence Award at the annual staff convocation in August. Art teacher Bob Pierson won the Summit Artspace Arts Alive Educator Award in June.

Rion, currently in her fourteenth year as a counselor, also advises Revere High School’s Active Minds group. She talked about how working with the students in that group impacts her.

“I am incredibly touched by [the students] . . . . my students inspire me so much professionally and personally,” she said.

Rion also discussed how the award has affected her.

She said that the award has prompted her to “think about how I can improve students’ wellness and experience in school overall.”

She also said that the award “inspires [her] to keep doing the best job that she can do.”

The Teacher Excellence Award is sponsored by former Revere Local School District president Chris Kostoff and his wife Gigi, who have been providing the award for the last fourteen years.

Kostoff described what he and his wife look for in an annual winner of this award.

“I think it’s the willingness to give back to each student and work with each student as an individual, based on their needs for success,” Kostoff said.

Kostoff explained why he started sponsoring the Teachers Excellence Award.

“I wanted to do something for my community of learning that I could leave as a legacy to honor the school district,” he said. 

Kostoff also mentioned that he sponsored the award because it was a way to give back to the community. 

Pierson has been a teacher for over 28 years. He talked about the effect of winning the award. 

“It feels good to be appreciated; this isn’t just a job. I feel like I am a contributing member of society,” Pierson said.

Both teachers displayed skill and leadership. They passed all the qualities necessary to win the awards.