District adds new bus wash

Revere added a new bus wash feature into the bus facility at the beginning of the 2022-23 school year.

Before implementing the bus wash, drivers had to use hoses and ladders to clean their buses’ exterior. 

Supervisor of Transportation Justin Miller explained the decision to add a bus wash for the district. 

“It was something that we had decided to do back when we built the facility. . .The superintendent at the time, the treasurer and I thought it would be something good to put in the new building because it helps save the district on the amount of money we are putting into buses,” Miller said. 

This new bus facility was built in fall 2020 with a space designed for a bus wash. Revere High School and the bus facility were both built at the same time. 

Superintendent Dr. Michael Tefs explained why the bus wash was not in use until this year. 

“The equipment was never implemented, and I think there were a lot of reasons for that [such as] The budget of the building and COVID 19. . . It was always the intention to get that equipment in there,” Tefs said. 

Miller explained how the bus wash operates.

“It is an automated system. The days we have the wash open, the buses just pull into one end. . . It kicks on when it senses a vehicle pulling in.. . It has multiple soap and rinse arches in it with two brushes that clean the sides of the buses,” Miller said. 

Bus driver Deb Neumann explained how Revere’s transportation will benefit from this addition. 

“By running the buses through the bus wash and keeping them clean, it will extend the life of the buses greatly. Especially in the winter when there is salt from the snow. [Having the bus wash] is going to be terrific,” Neumann said. 

The buses usually last about ten years, and by keeping them clean and preventing excess rust will help to get the most out of them.

Tefs explained that this will make the task of cleaning buses much easier.

“Without a bus wash, buses are really difficult to clean. You need a big ladder [and a hose],” Tefs said. 

Having a district bus wash can also benefit the drivers as well.

Tefs explained how this new bus wash can appeal to bus drivers. 

“In this day and age it is very difficult to hire bus drivers. . . anything we can do to incentivize the job to make it a little easier we are certainly trying to do,” Tefs said. 

The district hopes to gain bus drivers with this new addition because of the story staffing of drivers.