National Art Honor Society offers volunteer opportunities

Maria Silvidi, Art and Activities Editor

The National Art Honor Society (NAHS) has held meetings through the 2020-2021 school year with its increase in members and the club’s work with community service.

Art teacher Bob Pierson explained his job as adviser of NAHS.

“It’s my job to organize the group, set up the meetings every month, elections and organize opportunities for community service,” Pierson said. 

Completing hours of community service is a big part of the organization. Members can earn community service hours by making detailed work for the sets in Revere Players, going to visit an art museum and helping set up Celebration of the Arts. Pierson gave an example of when a student asks to complete a project for the community, he would have to approve before they started working to gain hours.

“[If a] local business wanted a mural . . . I would check with the owner and make sure that is okay for the kids to come over and do that,” Pierson said.

The number of volunteer hours that a student completes during NAHS has gone down compared to past years due to COVID.

“In a normal year, they do 21 hours of community service. [This] year was 14 because COVID caused less opportunities,” Pierson said.

To become a member of NAHS, you need to have certain requirements before you can be a member. One of the requirements includes the amount of art classes you have taken at Revere. 

“You have to have [a finished art class and one finished grading period] . . . it can’t just be elements of art, it has to be elements of art and something else for a grading period,” Pierson said. 

A student also has to be taking an art class at Revere while participating in the club. 

“You cannot be a member if you are not taking an art class at Revere High School. At least one art class a year to maintain membership,” Pierson said. 

Once you have those requirements, the students must turn in a still-life drawing and an essay explaining about the work that student entered. 

Public relations officer Megan Azzolina talked about how she joined NAHS.

“I heard about NAHS freshman year. It was because someone I cheered with was the president of it when I was a freshman,” Azzolina said. 

Azzolina talked about her favorite part about being a member in NAHS.

“[My favorite part about being in NAHS is] the different volunteer opportunities because I’m in a lot of clubs because I like to give back to the community, but NAHS is different from the other clubs because [it is] art related, so it kind of makes [volunteer work] fun,” Azzolina said. 

Junior Lilly Shenigo explained how she got interested in NAHS.

“I’ve always been into drawing, doodling, anything art related. My sophomore year I decided this would be really good for college applications and for my resume in general,” Shenigo said. 

Shenigo also talked about why other students should consider joining NAHS.

“It’s a really great organization if you want to grow your artistic ability and meet new people as well as building your volunteer status. I think it’s great to appreciate other people’s art and build upon your own,” Shenigo said. 

Azzolina and Shenigo are co-presidents of NAHS for the 2021-2022 school year. Azzolina talked about goals next year as co-president.

“[We] hope to get it back to normal as it was from previous years and just get everybody as much opportunity to do service. Also encourage more people to join; It definitely got heard of this year less than any other year,” Azzolina said.