Revere’s Spectrum club adds two new club advisers

Rory Wainwright, Editor-in-cheif

Revere High School’s Spectrum club, the LGBTQ plus and ally club, recently chose two teachers to fulfill the new positions of club advisers.

The club’s current president Elisha Dennis-Brinson explained how Jason Milczewski and Amy Fagnilli were made the two new directors. 

“There were no real obstacles [to find new advisers]. Teachers sent in emails, and we did interviews with them after,” Dennis-Brinson said. 

The club’s social media director Lyan Lebron talked about the characteristics the club was looking for in an adviser. 

“They needed to be more organized than [we] students would be. They need to stick their heads out for us. Just someone who believes in our cause and is willing to put a lot into it,” Lebron said. 

Spectrum had multiple candidates running for the title of adviser. The student leadership board decided to let the club vote on it together, and sent out a Google Form for the members to complete. 

Fagnilli explained why she decided to run as a possible adviser. 

“It gives me another way to work with students, and it’s a way to give back to Revere. I think that it is a group that is really important for the whole school community to not only exist, but thrive… there are important messages of inclusions contained in that club that I think [are] really important for high school kids,” Fagnilli said.  

Spectrum will be holding their final meeting of the 2020-2021 school year on June 4th at 3:00 in the front courtyard.