RHS Ohio Math League Team ranked first in state

Lily Oelschlager, Assistant Sports Editor and Assistant Art Editor

After a successful start to their competition season, Revere High School’s Ohio Math League team has ascended to first in the state rankings. 

Junior Drake Du, who has been competing with the high school team since he was in seventh grade, discussed the many factors that led to the team’s recent success. 

“[They] include the many opportunities for students of all ages to compete in math at Revere, the strong foundation our mathematics department [provides], and our outstanding advisor [Mrs. Joanne Gillette],” Du said. 

Senior team member Kaitlyn Borcherding also acknowledged the Revere High School math department as she discussed the team’s successful season.

“I believe the team’s high rank is due to the excellent math department . . . Along with our preparation during Mu Alpha Theta meetings,” Borcherding said. 

Du explained how the team’s successful track record delivered them to first place. 

“Once a month for six months, we take a six question test in 30 minutes. The sum of our top five scores [creates] our cumulative team score. Right now, we have 117 points, making our average score contribution 5.85 points out of a maximum possible of 6,” Du said. 

Junior Rohit Dasanoor explained what sets Revere’s team members apart from others. 

“The students’ dedication to math outside of school is a major driving factor; most of the people that contribute to the team’s score have an affinity for math that they cultivate on their own,” Dasanoor said. 

Besides their first place state ranking, Du shared another notable team accomplishment. 

“Our team has grown to include many brave and talented middle schoolers who take on the high school contests,” Du said. 

Dasanoor also shared his thoughts about the benefits of participation. 

“Participation in Ohio Math League [increases] one’s appreciation of math . . . [people] can pride themselves in being able to solve [some of the] problems, and they can also see other [unfamiliar] aspects of math,” Dasanoor said. 

Borcherding also explained why she enjoys participating in the league. 

“It challenges your thinking and makes you want to learn about the questions you did not know . . . Which improves your mathematical brain,” Borcherding said. 

The team’s next competition will take place on Tuesday, March 16.