Morning announcement segment makes students see the bright side


Colton Carmichael , Reporter

The Bright Side is a new morning announcements segment created by the Breathe Team and Student Council in which students can talk about what they are thankful for.

Every morning, students of Revere High School start their days with a new mindfulness practice. The Bright Side brings together students to talk about gratitude. Over the past few years, the Breathe Team organization, led by Kim Hemminger, Maria Manning and students and staff members of Revere High School, have focused on many issues surrounding the mental and physical health of individuals. Mrs. Hemminger explained the origin of The Bright Side.

“Every year we focus on something different, but two years ago it was just a no-brainer. We were going to focus on managing stress. The overwhelming stress that is impacting schools needs to be addressed by students and staff. We didn’t just want to do a one and done program, we wanted to do something that is going to be sustainable,” Hemminger said.

With a different student announcing every day, The Bright Side provides divergent viewpoints and originality derived from the student body. Michael Schloss, the secretary of the Student Council, explained why The Bright Side is beneficial for students.

“It’s kind of like a fill in the blank. Most of it is written for them, but then [the students] have to fill out what they’re thankful for or their favorite food, or stuff like that. It’s an interesting way to boost morale,” Schloss said.

The Bright Side gives the chance for everyone at Revere High School to start their day off with a strong positive setting. Mrs. Hemminger had this to say about The Bright Side.

“We brought The Bright Side in and we asked if the Student Council would partner with us. Having The Bright Side is an opportunity to share positive thoughts and expressions, as well as gratitude and it starts off every single day. Our vision is every day you will walk in, and you’re going to hear something positive,” Hemminger said.

The Bright Side is making positive influences for all of the students attending Revere High School. Jimmy Salamone Jr., who was recently on The Bright Side, had this to say about the new morning announcement segment.

“My experience doing The Bright Side was great. I got the chance to read off a thankful prompt and talk about what I’m thankful for. I think it helps the student body get an opportunity to look at all the things we should be thankful for and the chance to think about the great things in our lives,” Salamone said.

Students who want to participate in The Bright Side can sign up in the main office. Students wishing to join the Breathe Team can contact Mr. Faris or Mrs. Simonelli.