Art club allows for relaxation, new experiences

Maria Silvidi, Staff Reporter

Art club is a club at Revere High School for students to relax with friends and create seasonal, unique crafts that are suggested by the president or members of the art club. 

Sandie Fox, an art teacher at RHS, is the adviser in charge of the club. She commented on what students experience when joining the club. 

“[Students] develop better art from what [they] enjoy doing and come to have a good time,” Fox said.

In art club, students get to work on seasonal crafts and projects that are suggested by the president or a participating student from the club. If one is an avid member or just somebody looking for something fun to do, it is a club that any student can participate in. 

President of the club Emme Egleston talked about why it is important to have this club available to students at Revere. 

“Not everyone has time to craft on our own or take the classes we offer here. It’s nice for people to express themselves in an artistic way,” Egleston said.

Students do not have to be strong artists to be a part of the club. Students make crafts, yes, but there is more to the art club than that. Being able to relax and have a good time with friends is one of the major reasons for joining art club. 

“You get to hang out. It’s not ‘you’re good at art, practice art’ it’s ‘you want to have fun and make something,” Egleston said. 

Wesley Leong, a freshman and member of art club, explained how he started to participate in art club. 

“When I came over for touring they showed an art club and it looked interesting and was low maintenance. When I came for Frosh Fest, I saw it again and realized the president [and I] were a part of marching band, so I joined,” Leong said.

Leong talked about why other students should consider joining art club. 

“It’s one of the clubs that you can actually relax [at] . . . It’s a good club for stress management, and you get to meet [and make] more friends,” Leong said.