Indoor track provides training and experience for runners

Mikey Kahoe, Associate Editor

Revere’s indoor track team provides experience for new track athletes and gives existing runners an opportunity to prepare for the outdoor track season.

Indoor track competitions are judged on a mostly individual basis. Revere has had multiple athletes place in recent tournaments. Head coach and Revere Middle School math teacher Kevin Somerville listed some of the team’s accomplishments.

“So far this season we have had five first-place finishes, four second-place finishes, and an additional 33 top-eight placings in our first two meets,” Somerville said.

The team’s participation has increased in the three years since indoor track was started. Somerville commented on the increase.

“We currently have over fifty athletes on our team. There are over forty high school athletes and an additional nine middle school athletes that met qualifying times to join the team.  The team has quickly grown from the twelve athletes involved when we first started three years ago,” Somerville said. 

Although Somerville coaches both indoor and outdoor track, they are not the same. There is, however, a great overlap in the athletes who participate. Somerville explained the relation between the two programs.

“Since I coach both the indoor and outdoor track programs, they are strongly tied together, but they are not necessarily the same team. . . . each season’s team has their own unique feel, goals and identity,” Somerville said. 

Some of the athletes believe indoor track improves their skills and prepares them for outdoor track. Senior Andy Feltman explained how indoor track prepares him for outdoor track in the spring.

“Since I have been racing more, I can be ready to go for the outdoor season. Indoor track helps give you a chance to [obtain a] personal record and start improving earlier in the season,” Feltman said.

Senior Alexa Furukawa explained the effects track has had on her.

“My first year of indoor track I made friends with some 2019 graduates who ended up having huge impacts on my life,” Furukawa said.

The team competed in the all-star meet on Friday, February 21. Alanna Ramsey took third in the shot put, the boys 4×800 meter relay took third place, Ellie Meech placed 4th in 3,200 meter run, Aleni Bender took 7th in the 1,600 meter run, and Andy Feltman took 8th place in the 3,200 meter run. Ian Matias, Naveen Elliot, and the boys 4×200 meter relay also placed in the top ten.