Revere participates in annual Red Ribbon Week

Mikey Kahoe, Associate Editor

Revere participated in Red Ribbon Week, an event that takes place every October to raise awareness for drug and alcohol abuse across the country.

According to, this year’s theme is “Send a Message. Stay Drug-Free.” The movement began in 1985 after the murder of DEA agent Enrique Camarena. Parents and children began wearing red ribbons for one week in October to raise awareness of the destruction caused by drugs in America.

Revere At-Risk Student coordinator Bonnie Simonelli explained how Red Ribbon Week raises awareness.

“It raises awareness by talking about it at school and home, and using the red ribbon as the symbol to connect the ideas with a tangible item people can wear or display,” Simonelli said. 

    Intervention assistant Beth D’Amico, who also helped organize Red Ribbon Week, commented on why it is so important.

“It is important for the mere fact of education, and it saves lives,” D’Amico said. 

For some, Red Ribbon Week is personal. Senior Alexa Furukawa explained why it is so important to her.

“I take red ribbon week to heart because a boy who used to live in my neighborhood overdosed a few years ago and the toll that it took and is taking on his parents and family is something I do not wish upon anyone ever,” Furukawa said.

Simonelli explained how raising awareness through Red Ribbon Week helps kids stay drug-free.

“We talk about issues openly and honestly, we are educating our children to know the truth about drugs,” Simonelli said.

There are groups in both the middle school and high school that combat drug and alcohol abuse. Listen for announcements about Revere’s Youth to Youth program or email [email protected] for more info.