Senior receives award from the National Hispanic Recognition Program

Maggy Messner, Staff Reporter

Every child wants to grow up and represent their family and culture as an adult. Seeing the ideas and traditions of the past can inspire one to learn and investigate their family’s past and more about where they came from. 

RHS senior Julia Scott got the opportunity to represent her Hispanic heritage when she received recognition from the National Hispanic Recognition Program following her score on the PSAT. 

The National Hispanic Recognition Program is part of a series of programs called the College Board National Recognition Program that is working to help minority students get into college. The NHRP awards recognitions based on student’s PSAT scores, heritage and GPA. The recognitions are academic honors that can be included in college applications. They are not scholarships, but colleges will use them to identify academically exceptional students. 

Julia Scott comes from a Hispanic Family. Her grandmother, who she calls Abuela, was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Being a part of the Hispanic community has always been something important to her and excites her. 

“I feel really passionate about affirmative action for minorities. I am really excited to be part of it. To receive this recognition based on my ethnicity is really exciting. I am excited to see what happens with it,” Scott said. 

Fellow senior Keri Tomechko explained how this award acts as a culmination of all of Scott’s hard work in her high school years. Scott is able to use her ethnicity to give her a viewpoint unique to other students. 

“Julia works very hard academically and embraces her ethnicity. I think the award is a wonderful recognition of all of her hard work and dedication over the years,” Tomechko said.

Senior William Marchetta explained how this recognition shows how accomplished Scott is as a student and a member of the Hispanic Community. This award gives her a chance to celebrate her achievements. 

“The [recognition] represents an opportunity to be proud of her culture, and is a fantastic opportunity to highlight just how accomplished she is as a student,” Marchetta said. 

Scott is a very involved student. She is the Vice President of Revere Players and has been in all the plays since her Freshman year. Scott is also in ETC, which is a competitive show choir that competes across Ohio, West Virginia and Indiana. She is an active member of Revere’s Speech and Debate program and competes in Lincoln-Douglas style debate. Scott is also the Co-Founder and President of the Students Demand Action club at RHS. She is able to use her experiences to help her in all her activities. 

“Her background gives her unique insight and a carefully considered perspective on controversial issues,” Keri Tomechko said.

Scott advises fellow students of a minority to take action and apply for a recognition. 

“All I had to do was take the PSAT like everybody else and then, since I had a qualifying score, they just had me fill in my GPA and get some signatures. It was really simple. That was all,” Scott said. 

Using her recognition, Scott is hoping to double major in political science and business administration. After she graduates, she would like to go into either business or law.