Revere band hosts invitational, scores highly

Maria Silvidi, Staff Reporter

The RHS Marching Band hosted an invitational at the high school to showcase their talent by holding the event on Saturday, September 28. 

This year, the Marching Band hosted an invitational to display their experience to other bands. Fifteen bands came to the school to perform their pieces at the invitational. At the invitational, shirts, pies, and programs were sold before and during the show. Supporters from across the community will come to  support the marching bands. Darren LeBeau, the director of the marching band, spoke on the routine of going somewhere else for the invitational.  

“We [kind of] have our own routine of practice, get dressed, jumping [on] the buses, go down, re-warm up, play and wait for awards [ kind of] thing,” LeBeau said. 

He also went into detail about all of the preparations before hand rather than going to someone else’s invitational.

 “We get to make the experience for those bands the best we possibly can,” LeBeau said. 

Senior Maria Bucci, the president of Revere marching band, commented on how to get the rest of the students prepared before a performance.

 “Right before, when we do the band “ten hut” when we’re standing on the field getting ready to go to our spots and we all say ‘hut’ together that really like solidifies it,” Bucci said. 

Each year, the band has a different theme they model their performance after. Senior Drew Gifford, section leader of the saxophones, spoke about his thoughts on the marching bands performance: High Above the Clouds: The last flight.

 “This year’s theme is broad and specific at the same time,” Gifford said. 

The music starts uplifting and exciting and then ends aggressive to display the loss of Amelia Earhart. 

Gifford also gave examples of different themes from the past that relate to his statement. The performances he talked about are pieces that are significant to him that the marching band has performed.  

Let it Rain had lots of colors and went through the stages of life while Under the Stars gave the audience the feeling of being in an Imaginative state,” Gifford said. 

Gifford believes that the “Diverse leadership” of the band makes them different since there are fewer seniors to be a good example for the other students in marching band. The Marching Band received one, and is going to compete at the state competition on November 9.