Student council puts on Homecoming dance

The Student Council hosted this year’s homecoming dance with a glow in the dark theme as the dance is a yearly occurrence in the high school.

The theme of the homecoming dance that took place on October 6 this year was Let’s Glow Crazy. Secretary of Student Council Rachel Kraus explained the process of coming up with the theme. She explained the members of student council each brainstormed many theme ideas and then narrowed the choices down to the top three after a vote within the council. After they chose the top three ideas, the council took the ideas to Mr. King for approval followed by a vote by the entire student body.

Co-adviser Jessica Mackey described the decorations that the council used for the dance.

“We actually made all of the decorations. . . . The National Art Honors Society made silhouettes with black paper [that] we put on the bleachers and we did a bunch of really big posters with glow paint and neon paints. We [also] did black lights so that helped glow it up and as everyone walked in we gave them a glow stick,” Mackey said.

Mackey elaborated on how the council split up tasks and planned the dance and how the student council officers take charge of different tasks such as decorating specific areas and chooses how they want to decorate their area.

“Each of the officers comes up with an area that they want to be in charge of and with them being in charge, they recruit other people in student council to help them with those decorations. I think we started decorating maybe four weeks ahead of time. Each week we make decorations and prepare . . . and in the meantime we are ordering flowers for homecoming court and we order the DJ,” Mackey said.

The DJ of this year’s dance, Grant Crawford, specified that he attained the position of the DJ by talking to Tori Kohmann. He said that Kohmann asked him if he was interested in DJing since she knew that he is interested in DJing from previous conversations when Crawford was a student at Revere.

Mackey discussed the process of choosing a DJ for the dance.

“We always let the officers choose the DJ they want because that’s one of our biggest complaints. If homecoming isn’t a success, it’s usually because they don’t like the music that’s played. . . . The kids usually take the lead when it comes to finding a DJ . . . if the price works out and they play appropriate songs . . . because we want you guys to have someone that you want,” Mackey said.

Crawford expressed that he would like to DJ for more Revere events and dances as long as he has the chance to, as he found a great deal of enjoyment in performing.

Kraus explained why she thought that this year’s dance was more successful than previous years.

“A lot of people that went to the dance complimented the decorations and said that they were so much better than last year. That was something we heard a lot. I’ve also heard that the music was better this year,” Kraus said.

Crawford spoke about his part in the success of the dance and compared this year’s dance to last year’s, since he attended last year’s homecoming while he was a sophomore at Revere.

“A bad DJ can make a night really bad, but a good DJ can make a night a lot of fun; I definitely think I helped the night go smooth and [made it] more enjoyable for the kids, but I also think that the preparation between this year and last year was a lot different. I think the school was more prepared and student council did a better job of decorating,” Crawford said.

Kraus clarified why homecoming tickets generally have a high price.

“[The money from the tickets] goes toward funding student council events for the rest of the year including the senior citizen’s prom. . . . A lot of the money goes directly back to paying the DJ and paying for the decorations . . . and student council doesn’t keep any of the profits from any of the events throughout the year,” Kraus said.

Matt Buser and Anna D’Amico were crowned Homecoming King and Queen. The other senior class representatives included Cyrus Nosrati, Jordan Zablo, Sandor Jakab, Kylie Cannon, Karl Goddard, Meghan Teeter, Will Bowe, and Olivia Rollins. The underclassmen representatives included Dakota Drenth and Aiden Weiland for freshmen, Tommy Buser and Kenzie Joseph for sophomores and Katie Weil and Joe Restivo for juniors.