High school honors, celebrates local veterans

Michael McKee, Associate Editor

The Veterans Day assembly was held in between exams this year while the planning of the event will be taken over by the social studies department collectively.

In September of this year, the social studies department was put in charge of the Veterans Day assembly, which took place on November 9. This year’s Veterans Day assembly is different from previous years because the planning of the event will be the social studies department’s responsibility.

Principal Phil King is in charge of making sure everything gets done prior to the assembly this year. King commented on what goes into the planning of the assembly.

“Mr. Fry and the rest of the social studies department all plan and take different parts and roles, I recently met with them and they’re all taking different roles for the assembly. We’ll have to get organized with the choir, with making sure the songs are appropriate and getting the powerpoint presentation ready to go,” King said.

Jeff Fry, head of the social studies department, will be in charge of the planning of the event, along with others. This year is Fry’s first year organizing the event and he is hoping to preserve the traditions of the assembly that Jack Cooper has put in place. Fry explained what kind of traditions are involved with the assembly.

“We always have a breakfast for the veterans when they arrive and that will be at 8:00 a.m. this year, which is a little early due to our final schedules. We also have the P.O.W. (Prisoner Of War) ceremony and we honor a veteran who speaks and shares with us his or her experiences,” Fry said.

Social studies teacher Philip Heyn found the veteran speaker for this year. Heyn commented on why he chose Grant Goodrich.

“[Goodrich] is a great representative in this particular setting because he is a Revere alumnus and veteran and [he is] a great representation of somebody who is taking their civic duty and being active as he ran for political office last spring,” Heyn said.

The Veterans Day assembly took place on November 9 and took place in between second and fourth period finals. Students not taking a fourth period final had the opportunity to speak with veterans once the assembly is completed.