Student Council hosts senior citizens’ prom

Revere High School held its annual Senior Citizens’ Prom in April, and the event was put on by Student Council for the purpose of community outreach.

Principal of Revere High School Phil King described the event and why it is held annually.

“The Senior Citizens’ Prom is an annual event held by out student council. [It] is a community outreach event, which [the student council] is required to do,” King said.

King stated that it is a requirement in order to keep the student council membership with the Ohio Association of Student Councils. He additionally spoke about the event and its purpose of community outreach.

“The [community] really enjoys the event, and it is a great event that is put on by our student council,” King said.

King also stated that Student Council made the decision to hold the event at the middle school simply because the setup has a stage for live music.

King described how the Student Council funds the entire event.

“The student council does fundraising all year long for the event, by hosting dances and other events, and some of those funds that they raise are then used for the [Senior Citizens’ Prom], and those funds pay for the band, pay for the food, and rentals, among other things,” King said.

Guidance counselor and Student Council adviser Jenny Kirchner spoke about why the event is held annually.

“Our organization focuses on leadership, service, and citizenship. This is a service event,” Kirchner said.

Kirchner also commented that the event was well attended and received by the community, and also mentioned that about 100 senior citizens from the area attended the event, and said that local organizations helped out with the event as well. Old Carolina catered and the Gene Fiocca Band played the live music.

Kirchner also commented on the student council’s involvement in running the event.

“We had over 40 students helping throughout the night; serving, decorating, visiting with our senior citizens and dancing,” Kirchner said. Kirchner also mentioned that student council holds fundraisers throughout the year in order to put on this event to the community.

Student Council President Rebecca Fischer described what makes the event significant.

“It [is] easily one of our most enjoyable events of the year. The senior citizens from the community love coming back every year. We have a mailing list that we send invitations to every year and the Gene Fiocca band that plays live dance music invites new people too,” Fischer said.

Fischer also spoke about how the student volunteers work to put on the event.

“We had lots of student volunteers who enjoyed dancing and talking with the community members,” Fischer said.

The annual Senior Citizens’ Prom took place on Friday, April 6 at the middle school.