Men’s soccer team finishes season first in Akron

Mark Yankovitz, Continuity Editor

The Revere men’s soccer team finished their season in first place for the Akron district following a strong postseason run.

The team held a record of 11-2-3 during the regular season, which included a seven-game winning streak near the start that brought the team to the first place spot within all Ohio districts. The postseason included a win against Chagrin Falls 1-0, but ended with the loss against Aurora 0-1 in the district final.

Senior center-back on the team Tyler Ebert said the playoff run proved to be “challenging.”

“We [had] to work and push each other to continue our playoff run,” Ebert said.

The team faced multiple challenges throughout the season, including the loss of seniors Zack Kasson and Szabi Wiksell early in the regular season to injuries. This affected the dynamic of the team, according to head coach Nick DePompei.

“The second half of the season [was] filled with people stepping up into positions they [had not] been in. A lot of younger players had to grow up fast,” DePompei said.

Therefore, the team had to adapt to fulfill both offensive and defensive positions.

“There are 2 big aspects to the game: how well you can defend, and how creative you can be offensively to score,” DePompei said.

The team found a rhythm that pulled them to the first place spot in the Akron district. Senior center forward and outside defender Will Branch said that building team unity and chemistry assured the victories throughout the season.

“Team unity is important because it builds chemistry on the field and makes sure we all have fun with each other, which means we will play better,” Branch said.

Following the final game against Aurora, DePompei described the challenges of reaching that point in the season and the integrity of the team.

“We battled with everything we had and continued to try and find ways to break through. The team worked hard all year battling through a lot of injuries and we are proud of their efforts,” DePompei said.

At the end of the season, the players attested to the importance of playing together and dealing with the challenges of it.

“Our biggest challenge was just ourselves. Each game we play against ourselves… and challenge each other to be better than our last game,” Branch said.

Establishing that chemistry built a strong sense of unity that carried the team through a great season.

“Team unity is what makes a team the best it can be. Everyone pushing each other to be the best they can be. We are always ‘together’,” Ebert said.