District applies MacBook technology in the classroom

Kurt Benedict, Staff Reporter

Revere students are learning in new ways this year, in part due to a new technology initiative launched by the district.
In late October, students in grades 7–12 received MacBook Air computers as part of a new 1:1 initiative that equips every student with one of these computers.

Teachers at Revere High School have voiced how they will use the computers in their classrooms.

Meghan Lovaty, who teaches Language Arts at RHS, described plans to use the computers during class this trimester. Lovaty looks forward to incorporating technology into the classroom.

“Students have access to online books [on their computers], and students can take class notes on their online books and save them to their personal account . . . . The possibilities are endless, even if we haven’t discovered all of the uses [of them] yet, and students are excited about using them,” Lovaty said.

Teachers, however, are concerned that the continued access to technology could negatively impact students’ grades if they misuse the new computers.

“[Computers might] be too much of a distraction [during class],” Lovaty said.

Even so, some teachers may have a solution to such problems, should they arise.

“I think that students and parents that are unhappy with the students’ progress [in class] should see if one of the issues is misuse of the computers during class,” Lovaty said.

Rachel Walgate, who teaches social studies at RHS, explained why the new computer usage is important to Revere.

“I am excited about this opportunity for Revere and believe they will enhance the learning already taking place,” Walgate said.

Walgate also described how she plans to incorporate the computers into the classroom.

“[Computer usage will be] mostly through new apps that students can use during instruction and assessment. I already use Kahoot and Goformative. I plan to use Google Earth and other apps to engage students, and I will utilize Google Classroom more,” Walgate said.

In an announcement on Friday, November 11, RHS principal Phil King reminded students that they should “keep [their] computers in [their] cases at all times.” The reason for this is because the case is designed so that the computer can be used while kept inside the case.

During records room on Wednesday, November 16, students received photo ID cards with the students’ names and grades on them. Teachers instructed students to place this card into their case. If a computer is lost at school, then it can be returned to the student.

In another reminder on November 16, students were reminded to make sure they charge their computers at home the night before school, because students are using the computers many times during the school day, and cords and chargers could take up too much space or present a tripping hazard.

Teachers and students hope that the use of technology in the classroom will be a positive for both students and teachers.