Staff members retire after many years

Eda Sezer, Staff Reporter

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Jennifer Kirchner

Guidance counselor Jennifer Kirchner has worked at Revere for seventeen years. Before coming to Revere, she was an elementary school and middle school guidance counselor at Norton Local Schools. Kirchner mentioned that once she retires, she would like to travel in order to visit all of the national parks of the United States and also spend more time playing tennis. She also wants to visit her children and other family members across the country. Kirchner said that one of her favorite experiences during her time at Revere was starting the Strong Teens program. When asked what her advice to new staff members would be she replied, “Just be true to yourself.”

Q: What do you look forward to the most about retiring?

A: “Getting to spend more time with family, maybe sleeping in a little bit and just enjoying my time and really giving back now to families, and neighbors. Just being a helper outside of the walls of Revere High School.”

Q: What do you think you will miss the most about Revere?

A: “The students for sure. The day-to-day students that just make me really excited about the future.”

Claudia Sarcyk

Secretary Claudia Sarcyk has worked at Revere for thirty years. Once she retires, she plans to spend more time gardening, which she finds relaxing. She said that she believes new staff members will be in good hands considering that other staff members seem to be very helpful and are able to solve any obstacles they may face. She also said that her favorite experiences at the school included ones where there have been issues with the copier as she does not handle them any longer. Sarcyk mentioned how helpful the entire Revere staff is to the families in the district.

“The parents in this community really are lucky to have the staff that they have here because they really reach out to their kids,” Sarcyk said.

Q: What do you look forward to the most about retiring?

A: “Traveling and visiting my grandkids.”

Q: What do you think you will miss the most about Revere?

A: “The staff and then the kids. The kids have interesting problems, like ‘my shirt is stuck in my locker but I can’t undo the lock.”

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Staff members retire after many years