Cheerleaders and senior boys dance

Kurt Benedict, Assistant Online Editor

Since 2014, the varsity cheerleaders and senior boys make up a dance, which they performed at the senior night basketball game; they added a second performance during a school pep rally.

Kelly Staats, Revere head cheerleading coach, said that she got the idea in 2014 during a performance by the Green dance team at their high school. She also explained why the cheerleaders at Revere decided to do their own version of a senior dance.

“During the halftime of Senior Night, the Green Dance Team did a routine with special guests.  These guests were senior boys; it was very entertaining. My cheerleaders asked if they could try something like that. They got permission from RHS administration to try our version of a ‘senior dance!’ I guess it has become somewhat of a tradition; each class since 2014 has looked forward to having their senior dance,” Staats said.

Staats also commented on how fun the dance is for those involved, and how it isn’t easy for the boys to try something new and learn the routine and perform in a large crowd of people, and how learning all the routines and performing in front of a large crowd takes a lot of practice. Staats also mentioned that this year, Rebecca Ray, an intervention teacher who also organizes the pep rallies, asked if the senior dance could be performed at this year’s winter pep rally.

“For the cheerleaders, we get to be choreographers and teachers. For  boy dancers, it’s a chance to try something new and actually learn that this isn’t easy,” Staats said.

Staats also mentioned that while preparing for the dance is time consuming, everyone enjoys the dance.

“I would say I think everyone involved has fun.  It just doesn’t happen overnight. We have scheduled practices.  I think we had about eight practices lasting about two hours each this year.  I see a lot of giggling and laughing while the teaching of choreography takes place, by both the girls and the boys.  I also think it’s something when high school is in the rear view mirror of many of my cheerleaders and boy dance teams, it’s a memory they can look back upon with a smile on their face,” Staats said.

Angelina Mills, a captain of the Revere Varsity cheerleading squad, described the dance as well as its significance and also spoke about why the dance is entertaining.

“It is important to make the dance funny and entertaining so that it’s fun to watch! Plus it’s better when the boys do funny moves and don’t have to be so serious,” Mills said.

Conor Head, a senior who performed in the dance, commented on what he enjoyed about the dance.

“Making people laugh is great. We love seeing the reactions of the people in the stands,” Head said.

The cheerleaders and the boys performed the senior dance at the basketball senior night game on Tuesday, February 13, as well as at the pep rally on Wednesday, February 14.