New butcher shop opens in Bath

Lily Cowie, Staff Reporter

A local family has opened a new butcher shop to sell fresh farm produce to the residents of Richfield and Bath.

Farmer’s Rail owner and operator Melanie Brunty talked about what makes the store special.

“We are special in that we are actually growing the meat products that are sold in our store. We are farmer owned. Additionally we have taken the time to source out products that are also locally produced. We love supporting small business and hope to be able to help other businesses grow their outlets,” Brunty said.

Brunty mentioned the concept behind the concept behind the Farmers Rail.

“We are farmer’s first, operating Brunty Farms for the last 10 years in Akron and Ashland. The concept when you enter The Farmer’s Rail is to grasp that your products are coming straight from the farm to the butcher shop,” Brunty said.

With products right from the farm, the shop is thriving with many items.  

Brunty discussed the wide selection of items they sell at the store.

“We offer a wide variety of pasture raised, fresh meats from our farm, Brunty Farms, including chicken, turkey, rabbit, beef, pork, and lamb. We also make homemade sausages and burgers in many flavors. We have an array of cured meats, salami, and artisanal cheeses, all of which are cured without the use of any synthetic nitrates.  They are perfect for making charcuterie trays with our selection of pickles, crackers, olives, and peppers. Finally, we offer many locally produced items including honey, maple syrup, butter, milk, cheese, chips, popcorn, sauces, lunch meats, breads and much more,” Brunty said.

Brunty also talked about where the produce comes from.

“Most of the meats come from our farm, Brunty Farms, which specializes in all-natural, pasture raised eggs and meats. We also source out many products from other local farms and producers. Additionally we carry all natural lines of lunch meats, cheeses, and cured meats,” Brunty said.

The fresh produce keeps the store and it’s employees busy.
Brunty also commented on the stores work environment.

“We have an incredible team of employees which makes working here very enjoyable. The work is tough and the hours are long right now, but being in good company is the best!” Brunty said.

Brunty talked about why they chose the location to open to shop.

“We have lived in Bath Township for 10 years and when the opportunity [arose] to lease this building we thought it would be the perfect fit,” Brunty said.

Local Bath resident and customer Angela Berresford commented on the store’s appearance.

“It was so cute, a little small, but the work that had been done on it was wonderful. There was so much to see. The meat was hung on hooks which sounds kind of, well, gross, but, to my surprise, it was very clean. There was no blood. Everything about it was so warm and resembled a farm,” Berresford said.

Despite the busy work hours, the workers remain kind to their customers.

Daughter of Angela Berresford, Aliya Berresford, discussed her experience at the store.

“I thought it looked really nice, but since I don’t eat much meat, I was upset it was going to be a butchery. It had a very nice atmosphere and the decor fit the style they were going for. I didn’t interact with [the employees] much but they seemed very friendly and respectful to their customers,” the younger Berresford said.

Berresford also talked about her favorite thing in the store.

“My favorite thing about the store was its atmosphere. The customers and employees were very polite,” Berresford said.

Both of the Berresfords said they would go back to the shop with it’s unique goods to buy.

The Farmers Rail is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 am to 7 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm.