Senior leads through clubs, band, sports


Keaton practices her instrument in the band room.

Every day, without fail, Cassie Keaton, a senior at Revere High School, shows her school spirit in the band room, practicing her instrument with a focus and dedication that has caught the attention of her peers and teachers alike.

Keaton shows her love for school through her numerous extracurriculars and continual community service. Keaton’s list of accomplishments at Revere High School includes being president of the marching band and running cross country, track and volleyball. Additionally, Keaton continues to show her leadership skills by leading Revere’s SAVE Promise Club and is also a member of student council and art club.

Keaton explained why she is so passionate about participating in track.

“I really like the environment. In some team sports, someone wants to be the best, but in track [you] really want the person to be the best and really thrive, so it’s a great environment,” Keaton said. 

Keaton explained the main events that she participates in for both indoor and outdoor track.

“I throw, I do discus and shot in outdoor season, and shot and weight throw in indoor track,” Keaton said.

Keaton has been participating in track since she was in seventh grade and continues to stay active even after track season has ended. 

Keaton further explained what other sports she plays.

“I played volleyball freshman through junior year, and I also [participated] in club volleyball freshman through junior year,” Keaton said. 

Not only did Keaton play volleyball and track, she rediscovered her passion for running this year.

Keaton’s leadership and desire for a better environment does not stay on the track field but travels to her elective that she is in. Keaton is the band president for the marching band. She is in charge of the tenor saxophone section. 

Keaton’s other responsibilities as band president include organizing fundraisers, motivating marching band members, and planning fun and relaxing activities for the band group. Keaton has been playing the saxophone for many years now and truly enjoys it. However, Keaton’s first instrument was the alto saxophone, but she later transferred to the baritone saxophone in seventh grade. Keaton described what originally got her interested in joining the band.

“Going into freshman year doing band camp, I was like, this is kind of questionable, it’s a lot of effort, but then I did end up really liking [it]. It’s a really great environment,” Keaton said.

Keaton explained that there were some benefits to joining marching band as a freshman.

“[It is a] great way for incoming freshmen to get to know classmates, and then it’ll just help you. People say hi to you that you may not even know … because of the band,” Keaton said.

Keaton’s leadership continues as she currently acts as leader for the SAVE Promise Club, overseen by Mrs. Bonnie Simmonelli, Revere High School’s at-risk student coordinator. SAVE stands for Students Against Violence and helps create a more positive and safe school environment through various wellness awareness activities and initiatives. Keaton also co-founded the club last year.

Keaton explained the main purpose of the SAVE Promise club. 

“In my club, the entire point of it is to help make the community more aware of self isolation and help prevent that,” Keaton said.

Keaton also explained what other fun activities they complete in the club.

“We do have a video [competition] coming up and we’re hoping to do cornhole and just have some signs and posters up,” Keaton said.

Additionally, Keaton is a part of the NAHS, the National Art Honor Society. Keaton described her contributions to NAHS. 

“We can help do any dance decorations for homecoming and winter formal,” Keaton said.

Keaton continually displays her passion for service through working with children to create a more healthy school environment. For the past three years, Keaton participated in volleyball youth camp, spending 24 hours volunteering and mentoring the younger athletes. 

Keaton described what she liked so much about volunteering.

“A lot of times when working with little kids, sometimes you have to explain stuff in different ways because not all of their minds work the same so it’s fun,” she said. 

Keaton’s desire for volunteering doesn’t end here; she volunteered to help during a school event.

“I tend to just help setups for the dances and cleanups. I did help out this year for the veterans day breakfast,” Keaton said.

Darren LeBeau, Keaton’s band teacher, is a key figure in her life. LeBeau notices her excellent work through her contribution to the band. Lebeau has known her since she was in fifth grade. LeBeau described Keaton.

“She’s pleasant and usually has a smile on her face,” LeBeau said.

LeBeau also explained what other leadership skills Keaton possesses.

“She is willing to help out and get involved and she’s willing to lead the others who follow,” LeaBu said. 

Another influence in Keaton’s career was her cross country and track coach Kevin Somerville. Somerville has been a track coach for 6 years, and has known Keaton for all four years of her high school career. 

Somerville explained what Keaton has done to the track team to deserve Senior captain.

“Cassie always has an awesome positive attitude, when she gets to practice she is really able to pick up the team’s spirits and make things fun,” Somerville said.

Somerville explained what he thought about Keatons ability as a thrower.

“Cassie has been a stand out excellent thrower for us over the years, she has great ability and combines that with focus and work ethic to give us great results,” Somerville said.

Keaton will finish her senior year at Revere High School engaged in her love for extracurricular activities thanks to her contributions in athletics, her eagerness to help others through SAVE Promise and her enthusiasm for sports.