Junior leads multiple clubs, contest math scores


Daniel Nemer

Iler passes out snacks at the SDA Middle Ground event.

Every day, Zach Iler, a junior at Revere High School likes to involve himself in different types of volunteering opportunities, such as the Middle Ground Event where Iler partook in passing out food and drinks to the many Revere classmates who showed up to express their opinions.

From a young age Iler, a junior at Revere High School, showed his school spirit through his many activities. Iler’s list of accomplishments at Revere High School include excelling in advanced math classes, leading his soccer team, and attending clubs such as Speech and Debate, Students Demand Action, National Honor Society, Recycling Club and Save Promise. Although Iler enjoys participating in many different sports, his true passion lies on the soccer field.

Iler’s main position on the Revere High School Varsity Soccer team is playing as a center. Iler explained when he first started soccer. 

 “I’ve been playing soccer since I was five, but I’ve played here [Revere] for three years. I’ve been playing club soccer for seven or eight years,” Iler said.

 Iler described what motivated him to join the sport and to continue playing through his high school years.

“My parents just always pushed me to play different sports. And I think I finally landed on soccer because of my closest friend, and that was eight years ago,” Iler said.

Iler, a junior, has taken many highly advanced classes. Iler explained what classes he is taking and which one he finds most interesting.

 “I’d say my most involved classes are probably AP English Language and Composition, AP Physics [I] and AP US Government,” Iler said.

 Iler comments on other extracurricular activities, such as helping out his community.

“This summer, I volunteered for four weeks as a soccer coach for inner city soccer camps. I’ve also volunteered as a debate coach and judge,” Iler said.

Iler’s kind demeanor has not gone unnoticed by Revere High School teachers and staff.

 Nicholas DePompei, Iler’s Varsity soccer coach, notices his excellent work and leadership on the field. DePompei has been a soccer coach for ten years. Additionally, DePompei has known Iler since the eighth grade, but has learned more about him since Iler joined the team his freshman year.

DePompei explained Iler’s contributions in a soccer game from a physical standpoint. 

“He’s physically able to play and read the game; that separates him from other players, so he doesn’t have to get into physical situations,” DePompei said.

DePompei also explained how Iler contributes in many different ways, such as boosting team morale. 

“He’s a really good teammate on the field; he never gets mad at players. He’s a very good leader, and I can’t say enough about him as a person,” DePompei said.

Another key figure in Iler’s high school success has been his math teacher, Joanne Gillette. Additionally, Gillette’s main areas of teaching expertise include Honors Precalculus,  AP Calculus BC and Honors Algebra II. Gillette met Iler in her honors Algebra II class in 7th grade. Gillette explained her first impression. 

“It is rare to have a 7th grade student who can handle Honors Algebra II. Zach is a gifted math student and a nice young man,” Gillette said.

Gillette described how talented Iler is in the math contests.

“Zach had the high score this year for Revere juniors on the MathCON contest. He will be invited to the MathCON national finals in Chicago on May 13, where he will compete against some of the nation’s best juniors,” Gillette said.

Gillette explained the important traits and characteristics that Iler demonstrates, and his importance as a math competitor.

“Zach is a well-rounded young man with many talents and interests.  Many teams and clubs want him to participate and compete on the same days, but there is only one Zach Iler. I am always happy when Zach is able to make it to one of our math contests,” Gillette said.

From his contributions in sports, his willingness to help others in his community and his competitive passion for math contests, Iler will end his junior year at Revere High School immersing himself into his love for extra curricular activities.

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