Freshman starts innovative fundraisers


Daniel Nemer

Sample leads the freshman class council meeting.

Every Tuesday morning, Freshmen find Carson Sample leading and organizing the 2026 class council fundraisers that help raise money, plan out events, activities, and ideas on how to make the school a better place.  Sample takes control and keeps everyone focused with what they have to plan next whether it’s an event or a fundraiser. He discusses how much money they make and what else the class council as a whole could do to raise more money. Class council meetings are located in the English common rooms at Revere High School. 

His fellow classmates nominated Sample as class president. Sample also demonstrates his leadership skills in the classroom and on the soccer field as a Junior Varsity player. 

As former middle school class president, Sample explained his reaction to winning freshman class president.

“I was obviously excited and a little surprised,” Sample said.

Sample prefers to use an active style of leadership during every class council meeting. Sample explained normal meeting procedures to keep his class morale lively.

“We always have to plan stuff to do at the meetings. It can’t just be busy work. It’s almost always something that is engaging that we need for our class,” Sample said.

 All the class council action and fundraiser brainstorming takes place Tuesdays at 7:00 a.m in the C-200 common area.

In the first quarter of the school year, Sample, Secretary Ashley Gardner and Treasurer Ria Mahapatra organized a fast food fundraiser, partnering with Dairy Queen. As class president, Sample was responsible for communicating and advertising the Dairy Queen fundraiser for the entire Revere High School student body.

“They sent us a flier to post and that’s how we got the word around,” Sample said. 

Looking ahead to the future, Sample has innovative and creative fundraisers in mind for the class of 2026. Sample described future events.  

“We’re looking to have something in the wintertime, maybe like [at] an ice skating rink,”  Sample says.

Sample’s strong communication and leadership skills have not gone unnoticed by Revere High School staff. Freshman class council supervisor Leigh Haynam has overseen class council activities and fundraising projects since 2002. Haynam applauded Sample’s direction and organization during meetings.

She described Sample as “efficient and task-oriented.”

Haynam remains confident that the freshmen class will reach their fundraising goals under Sample’s leadership. Future projects that Sample came up with include Chipotle partnerships, ice skating rink activities and Boston Mills skiing experiences. 

Additionally, Sample holds an important position not just in class leadership but also as a center for the Revere High School JVA team (Junior Varsity soccer team) and as shortstop for the Revere baseball team. Sample has played soccer for twelve years and plans to continue playing throughout his high school career. Andrew Devol, a Revere soccer coach for eight years, explained how Sample contributed towards the team. 

“He’s really skilled on the ball and a very technical player,” Devol said. 

Devol also explained what Sample does for the team from a mental standpoint.

“He’s not afraid to take charge and kind of help out and give demands, even though he is a younger player on the squad,” Devol said.

Not only does Sample try to help out in school with class council, he helps out other future soccer players.

“I know that he is always lending a helping hand to our youth program, which is very important to let those younger kids be an older high school player,” Devol said. 

From his love and dedication to soccer and baseball to leading and arranging class activities, Sample has started his freshman year immersing himself in Revere High School culture and community and will continue to do so in the future.