Freshman shares family love of sports


Used with permission from Ben Eberhardt

Ben and Sam Eberhardt pose with the victory bell after defeating Copley.

Rowan Klein , Reporter

As the sun beat down on the baseball fields behind Revere High School, the baseball team trooped outside, ready to practice. Freshman Ben Eberhardt grabbed his equipment and walked down to the field with his teammates. After some warm-ups, the team jumped right into practice, ready to play. 

Ben Eberhardt is a two-sport athlete in baseball and football. Eberhardt has been playing sports since he was six, and his love for them has not dwindled since. 

Eberhardt has been playing baseball for almost a decade now and just recently picked up football as a second sport two years ago. After playing baseball for so many years, it has become part of Eberhardt’s lifestyle.

“I started playing baseball when I was 6 back in t-ball, mainly because my brother played it. Since then, I started playing football in seventh grade mainly because of my friends who played it as well,” he said.

Eberhardt has a deep connection with sports as they played a very large role in his life while growing up. From life lessons to physical complications, baseball has taught Eberhardt to push through them all and improve because of it.

“I love sports. They’ve played a big part in my life and growing up. I focus most of my daily routine on it, especially when practices can be two to three hours long. Besides that, I’ve met a lot of friends and people through sports, and it’s something that my brother and I share,” he said.

In baseball Eberhardt, like many others, has to play a multitude of positions to fill any changes or gaps in Revere’s lineup.

“I primarily play first base and work as a pitcher. But sometimes I’ll need to pick up something different like playing third base if the situation calls for it. In football my position changed a bit less. I was a wide receiver on offense and an outside linebacker on defense, but those still weren’t set in stone,” he said.

Eberhardt has been playing baseball long enough to understand the dynamics of the sport as well as what it takes to succeed. Just like any other successful athlete, for Eberhardt, experience is the best teacher.

“In baseball teamwork is critical. The most important part of baseball, besides skill, is to trust your teammates. If that connection isn’t there, neither is the chance to win. It’s developing that understanding between the guy to your left and right. Most importantly, it’s mowing your own grass. Each person has a job to do, and if you fail, so does everyone else,” he said.

Eberhardt enjoys the camaraderie of the sports he plays, a trait he shares with many other athletes. Whether it be on or off the field, Eberhart makes the most of his time spent with coaches and teammates.

“In baseball and football, it’s the energy your teammates have during the game. Everyone was hyped to play and perform better than last time. The bus rides are always fun, people cheering in the stands, and just playing a sport you enjoy,” he said.

Eberhardt’s efforts on the field or off the field don’t go unnoticed by his teammates. Freshman AJ Hall discussed playing with Eberhardt.

“As a teammate Ben is always working hard when no one is looking. He expects the most out of himself and his teammates, and he always has a positive attitude in every situation,” Hall said.

Throughout his athletic career, Eberhardt has had to make sacrifices in his life, both mentally and physically. However, for Eberhardt, all the memories he made were worth the effort he gave.

“Football is a full-contact sport, and you have to be careful playing it. I’ve gotten my fair share of bruises and that doesn’t mean I want to quit, but that’s just part of the experience. If you can’t get over those then you probably won’t enjoy sports. Just this year, my favorite memory was when our football team beat Copley and got the bell back. Running onto the field and cheering with everybody else was a great moment to be a part of; I don’t think I’ll ever forget that either,” he said.

Eberhardt, as a freshman, also had the chance to play with his brother, senior Sam Eberhardt. This year was the first time the two played on the same sports teams in high school. 

“I’m really lucky to have the chance to play with my brother; he’s a huge role model to me, and he showed me the ropes basically. I’m just happy that we can both play for Revere at the same time as each other,” he said.

Ben’s brother Sam tries to set the tone for his brother and teammates. As a senior, Sam’s role on teams is a leader and he strives to accomplish that.

“I just try to lead by example and do everything that I know I should be doing. But it’s also important to be relaxed and comfortable when you are trying to demonstrate to others because if you set a relaxed atmosphere, others will play up to it as well and be more comfortable when performing, making everyone better,” he said.

According to Sam, besides playing together, siblings can help each other improve in their sports and mutually succeed.

“I’d say that having someone that you’re always going to be around that participates in the same sport only makes the both of you better. We have constant time to train with each other and you’ll always have a partner for whatever you’re doing,” he said.

Ben looks forward to playing sports in college and furthering his athletic career after high school. Even though he’s unsure of some aspects of his future, sports don’t look like they’re leaving anytime soon.

“I love baseball and football, so playing in college would be amazing. If I do get the opportunity, I’d love to play with a bigger fanbase and a bigger team where it’s just like high school but more in-depth. I haven’t put too much thought into it, but I’d definitely like to,” he said.

Ben encourages anybody to try out sports or just new things in general, saying it is better to try it out than regret it later in your high school career.

“Give that new interest a go. If it’s baseball, football or any other sport, try it out. In life, you never know if you like something without trying it, and that can apply to anything, not just sports. It’s better to be uncomfortable or out of place for a week or just a day so you don’t think “what if” later down the line,” he said.

Like many other athletes, Eberhardt loves to stay active outside of sports whenever possible. 

“I enjoy biking and just exercising in general; it just makes me feel good. Some days I just relax, but I always try to do something with my friends,” he said.

As practice comes to a close, Eberhardt and the rest of his team get packed up and bring their equipment to the field house. As Eberhardt collects his school bag, he gets prepared for the next day’s challenges, excited to continue his season with his brother.